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V-Force® PBI Max™Turnout Coat & Pants

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Outstanding Protection, Durability, Mobility and Comfort...

LION V-Force® takes the best technology from combat and professional sports clothing
and applies it to turnout gear. The result is the optimum balance of mobility and protection. Additionally,
LION’s exclusive V-Fit™ design makes V-Force® more comfortable than common
firefighter gear.

The NFPA 1971 (2013 edition)-compliant PBI Max™ outer shell offers firefighters the best combination
of break open and thermal protection, the strongest outer shell fabric in the world and the most flexible
and comfortable outer shell fabric the fire service has ever seen.

Major PBI Max™ features:

  • 30% 600 denier DuPont™ Kevlar® filaments — three times more than other PBI outer shells.
  • An exclusive use of 600 denier ballistic Dupont™ Kevlar® filament for increased tear resistance
    and up to four times greater trap tear strength than competitive PBI fabrics.
  • A patented LION isodri® outer shell for fast drying time and reduced working weight.

Contact us for a demo and see why PBI Max should be the outer shell on your next set of turnout gear.

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