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New Lumbar SCBA/Belt/Harness Escape Kit
by Golfire

NEW-LUMKIT $285.00

Black in color, the Lumbar Escape Kit holds 50’ of 8mm rope. The rope is fed through the tube that holds any of the escape hooks and descenders on the market today. There is an opening on the top of the hook pocket for a carabineer to be pre attached to your belt or harness. To deploy simply pull the orange tab exposing the your anchor and descender. The bag is manufactured with two layers of material: the interior is a ballistic nylon with the exterior being a high heat ceramic/fiberglass. Your attachment points are 4 adjustable belt loops. You can specify right or left hook pocket.



Lumbar Escape Bag, 50' 7.5mm NFPA Certified Escape Rope, NFPA Certified Crosby Hook, NFPA Certified Sterling F4 Descender, NFPA Certified Omega Screw Locking Carabineer










Vol Escape Kit w/ Crosby Hook
by Golfire



The VOL Escape Kit was developed as an affordable and effective escape kit for firefighters in areas with two and three story buildings. Most firefighters were taught in the Stay Alive classes to bail out using rope, a carabineer, and gloves as a friction device.

We have taken this concept and one step further!

Includes: NFPA Certified Crosby Hook, 40' of 7.5mm NFPA escape rope, and a Pocket/Belt bag w/ Handle. The bag fits in your pocket, belt, or SCBA Harness.

The idea is that there is no waste of precious time looking for an anchor point with the Crosby hook. Your anchor point is at the window. As taught in your Stay Alive classes, you will wrap the rope around your body and bail out using your hands as a friction device.







Baldwinsville Bail Out Kit

The Baldwinsville Bail Out Kit's light weight design conveniently fits in your Bunker Pants Pocket or attaches to your SCBA Harness, Truck Belt, or Last Chance Belt.  The Nomex® bag packs just like a water rescue throw bag.  Its compact design developed to be fed by gravity.  Pop the snaps on the bottom of the bag, grab and secure the load bearing carabineer, and throw the bag to the desired location, providing you with a life line to bail out with. 

Includes: Pocket/SCBA Bag, 7.5mm NFPA Certified Escape Rope, NFPA Certified Locking Anchor Carabineer, Non Locking Carabineer, Chafe Line

Available sizes:  25', 35', 50', 70', and 100'. 
Available in Red, Yellow or Black.





Compact Baldwinsville Bail Out Tagline Kit Kevlar

What everyone has asked for - a Bail Out / Tagline Kit that does not take up much room!

1/2 the size of a normal 35' or 50' 8mm Rope Bag


  • Nomex® Bag
  • Omega UL Classified locking load-bearing carabineer
  • Kevlar 8mm webbing - 5000 lb rating.
  • Use it to Bail Out or as a Search Line
  • Attaches to your SCBA/Belt or sits in your pocket!

Available sizes:  25', 35', 50' and 70'. 
Available in Red, Yellow or Black.







Baldwinsville Escape Work Belt

The Baldwinsville Escape Work Belt is made from two inch Climb-Spec™ Nylon Webbing, doubled to provide maximum strength.  A heavy duty auto locking swivel hook and O-ring meets and exceeds ANSI Z-359.1 & CSA Z 259.1 specifications, providing and attachment for your carabineer in case of emergency escape.


  • Two V-rings
  • Two unique auto locking hooks for attachment of tools for use as a work belt

Available sizes:  30" to 40",  40"-52", 46"-58",
*With 3M Reflective Trim


*Bulk of turnout coat must be considered when determining waist size.  Add six inches to your normal waist size when determining belt size. 

Black Belt with Reflective Trim


Black Belt with Reflective Trim


Trim Color


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