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 Partner Saws



K-12 FD Rescue

Blades Only

K-12 FD Rescue Saw Package



* NIGHT EYE - LED light with metal mounting bracket

* Large "D" Handle for starting (fits ALL firefighter gloves)

* "D" ring for sling attachments

* Saw carrying sling

* Reflecting Fire/Rescue saw lettering

* Carbide Tip CHOPPER blade - 12-inch x 24-tip

* Warning light ... equipped with a six (6) flash patterns

SPECIFICATIONS: 95cc or 6-horsepower 2 cycle engine, Active filtration, Smartcarb Carburetor, Decompression Relief Valve,  Durastrater starter unit, Enclosed transmission, weight 22.7 pounds


K-12 FD Rescue Saw Package

The PARTNER® K-12 FIRE-RESCUE SAW is designed exclusively for the fire service, pound per pound this saw is the most effective power cutter in the field. 6.1 horsepower weighing an unbelievable 23 pounds.

Includes a 12" x 24tip carbide blade.



The PARTNER® FD-760 is the replacement for the old K650. 

It is offered with a 14" guard and a 12" guard.

The FD760 12" is ideal for forcible entry.

It is also great for roof cutting due to its unique power source and the use of CHOPPER blades.

This saw consists of five horsepower and weighs less than 20-pounds.

This light weight saw is a perfect choice for any Fire Department operation.

PARTNER K-760-14"x30T

This is a great saw for forcible entry and has the power of the old K-12. Includes a 14" x 30tip carbide blade.




PARTNER K-760-12"x24T

This is a great saw for forcible entry and has the power of the old K-12. Includes a 12" x 24tip carbide blade.




Features: When you work with a Partner, you have all the benefits of the latest technology in your grasp.

With the K970 Active, they have combined 40 years of experience with the latest advances, while always focusing on user ergonomics, safety and reliability.

Specifications: 6.1 hp 2 cycle engine, blade diameter 12", Active Air Filtration, SmartCarb carburetor, Decompression relief valve, Dura Starter, enclosed transmission.



The K-970 is the replacement of the old K-960, K-950, and K-1200 with added horse power 6 HP.

Weight without blade 21.8 lbs.

Includes a 12" x 24tip carbide blade.




CBT - 12" x 12T
1" Standard Arbor


CBT - 12" x 24T
1" Standard Arbor


CBT - 14" x 30T
1" Standard Arbor






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