The AI-1201 monitor will accurately measure and display CO and LEL (flammable gas)

The monitor is warranted for five years*. Even the sensor and its calibration are included in the warranty.

Your only cost after the unit's initial purchase is store-bought AA Duracell MN1500, Energizer LR6- AM3 (E91), or Rayovac LR6 alkaline batteries.


✔   Visual and Audio Alarms at Methane levels of 5000 ppm.

✔   Visual and Audio Alarms at CO levels of 30 ppm, 60 ppm, and 120 ppm.

✔   There is no routine bump testing or calibration required.

Built on the same technology and with all the features of the 1200 monitor, and now incorporates the energy efficiency, motion switch technology, enhanced alarm, and backlit LCD screen built into all of our V2 models. In addition to all that, it adds LEL (flammable gas) capability that is calibrated to methane. The calibration to methane was chosen because it can be a “silent” gas you can’t see or smell in its pure form. You can count on the Airspace monitor to give you an accurate reading for methane gases you might otherwise not know are there.

Like other LEL sensors, it will also “see” most of the other hydrocarbon gases – such as gasoline, propane, natural gas, hydrogen, acetylene, etc. It won’t give an accurate ppm reading for those other gases because the calibration is to methane. Still, it will be beneficial since any ppm reading for those other gases will indicate an ambient air saturation – therefore, a flame or explosive hazard – is occurring. It will then allow you to “see” the trend as you take steps to manage the hazard in that environment. No ppm reading, even though you can smell or see a gas present, indicates the gases are dissipating, and an explosion is, therefore, less likely – also very valuable information to have on an emergency turn out.

​* Ten-year warranty upgrade available as an option.

Weight: .8 lbs.

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 3 in

Airspace 1201 Specification Sheet   Airspace User Guide




CC-01 Storage Case



VC-01 Verification Test Gas

Airspace Monitors do not require any calibration or routine bump testing.  Best practices dictate that you should still test your monitor periodically.  The VC-01 Verification Test Gas is a compact 2 Liter can that can provide a quick verification any time it is needed. All you need to do is hold the nozzle to the sensor inlet and depress the trigger for 2 seconds to verify monitor response.



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Airspace Carbon Monoxide and Methane Monitor with LED Display and Audible Alarms

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