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Designed to easily and quickly clamp onto Provenger nozzles.

The ProVenger Quick-Attack Foam Tube is designed to efficiently clip on and off the 1'' ProVenger handline nozzle. Quick-release tabs allow the tube to be easily removed and is constructed of a lightweight, durable, high-strength polymer. The ProVenger Quick Attack Foam Tube is affordably priced to complement the ProVenger series nozzles.


  • Provides air-aspirated foam capability- up to 12:1 expansion ratio with AFFF
  • Lightweight, snap-on assembly.  No tools required
  • Compatible with 1” ProVenger Nozzles - Styles 1602 or 4102
  • 5-year standard warranty
  • Flow: Up to 150 gpm
  • Length: 12¾”
  • Width: 3-5/8”
  • Weight .9 lbs 


The Akron Brass Quick-Attack™ foam tube is to be compatible with the 1” ProVenger handline nozzles Styles 1602 or 4102. The foam tube shall attach with a snap-on clip.  It should be constructed of Zytel for the body and high density polyethylene (HDPE) for the tube.  The foam tube must provide air-aspirated foam with an expansion ratio up to 12:1. The foam tube shall have a 5-year warranty.

Style 624
Warranty Warranty
Weight .9 lbs (.4 kg)
Type Foam
Brand ProVenger
Length 12 3/4'' (324 mm)
Width 3 5/8'' (92 mm)
Flow (GPM) Up to 150 GPM
Flow (LPM) 200 LPM


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624 Akron Quick-Attack Foam Aeration Tube for 1'' ProVenger Nozzle

  • $163.95

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