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A lightweight, compact auto-braking descender for rope access and rescue designed for semi-static ropes ranging from 10-11 mm.

✔   Proprietary anti-panic function in the lever re-engages the cam if the handle is pulled too far where it could lead to unsafe descent speeds.

✔  The body and lever are made of robust hot-forged aluminum alloy. Mechanical parts are made of precision-cast stainless steel.

✔  The internal mechanism and locking cam use a patented design for smooth action on the rope which prevents rapid wear-and-tear and absorbs energy from small shocks with a slight amount of rope slippage.

✔  The fluid action on the rope also allows the Druid to function well for rope ascent. The cam can be de-activated with a trigger to allow quick sliding of the rope in situations with no load or limited load. Steel ring for attaching a keeper cord.


  • EN 12841/C as a descender of the working line for workers up to 264 lbs. – can also be used for rope access rescue up to 440 lbs.

  • EN 341/2A as an emergency evacuation device on a single line for workers up to 264 lbs. – 11 mm semi-static rope (Lithium 11 mm).

  • EN 15151-1 for climbing structures using mountaineering techniques with dynamic ropes ranging from 9.9 to 11 mm.


  • Weight: 9.9 oz.

  • For Rescue Use: Max 440 lbs.

camp safety 2232 druid

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Camp Safety Druid

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