The Hickory Shirt has a long tradition of being an essential piece of apparel for loggers, foresters, arborists, and others who spend a significant amount of time working in the outdoors. 

This design was built to wear through the toughest work days by the most rugged workers in North America. The CrewBoss Hickory Brush Shirt is constructed with protection, durability, comfort, and safety in mind.



  • Certified to current NFPA 1977 Standards

  • Built with internal and external self-fabric facing to prevent the zipper from touching the skin.

  • Large spade-style chest pockets with hook and loop closures.

  • Sewn with Nomex thread throughout

  • Stress points are bar-tacked at 10 locations to ensure long-lasting durability.

  • Hook and loop cuff closures for tight fit at the gloves.

  • Available in sizes S-3XL

Sizes 2XL and larger are non-returnable


Tried and true, Nomex has been the standard in FR fabrics for half a century. Garments made from Nomex are inherently flame-resistant and won’t melt, drip, or support combustion in the air. The thermal protection offered by Nomex is permanent, and cannot be washed out or worn away.

A critical factor in the thermal protection Nomex provides is that it carbonizes and thickens when exposed to intense heat. This increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the skin, minimizing burn injuries. This robust protective barrier stays supple and flexible until it cools, which gives you valuable extra seconds of protection when you need it most.


Sizing Chart   Lead times during fire season

Note: CrewBoss garments are available in additional sizes not shown in our shopping cart. There are also many additional options, such as zippers, reflective trim, etc., that may be added. Kindly call our Customer Service Team at 800-759-3473 or send an email to info@fire-end.com  to discuss your requirements.

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CrewBoss Hickory Brush Shirt — 6.0 oz Nomex Yellow

  • $233.95

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