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The Croker Series 3000 Hose Rack Assemblies permit one-man operation and provide immediate means of fire control.

These units are capable of delivering the nationally recognized standard of 100 GPM at 65 PSI. at the nozzle and are rated for Class II Service under NFPA/FEMA Class of Service.

No. 3401- 1 1/2" Single Jacket Lined Hose - FM
No. 3440- 1 1/2" Cast Brass Coupling
No. 3460- 1 1/2" Industrial Fog Nozzle U/L
No. 5040- 1 1/2" Cast Brass Angle Valve U/L
No. 5730- 1 1/2" Stamped Escutcheon
No. 3351- Red Enamel Pin Rack U/L

No. 3365- 1 1/2" Cast Brass Nipple

Note: All threaded items are NST thread

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Croker Series 3000 Complete Hose Rack Assembly 1½" x 1½"

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