Flotation Devices

These Type III SAR Vests are a Type III PFD (personal flotation device) equipped with all the features needed for a demanding day on the water. We have everything you need for water rescues. From flotation devices like vests to immersion and cold water/ice suits, we've got you covered! Our website shows our most popular styles. Please call at 800-759-3473 to discuss any additional you may have.

Kent 1513 Swift Water Rescue Vest

Swift Water Rescue Vest Hi-Vis yellow fabric Zippered front panel covers buckles to..


Kent 1514 First Responder Vest

Kent First Responder Vest  Soft and lightweight foam provides flexibility and reduced ..


Kent Mesh 1510 SAR Vest

Kent Mesh Search and Rescue "SAR" Commercial Vest  Contoured soft and comfor..


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