RIT (Rapid Intervention Team)

RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) is a designated crew that will serve as a stand-by rescue team for personnel and be available for the immediate search and rescue of any missing, trapped, injured, or unaccounted for firefighter(s). Our RIT products are designed to help your Rapid Intervention Team deploy quicker at the scene.

887RD R.I.T. BAG

  R.I.T. BAG #887RD A versatile RIT Equipment bag that can be set up for too..


888RD R.I.T. BAG

  The R.I.T. (Rapid Intervention Team) Air/Equipment Bag also known as a  R.A...


RIT-150 Can Man Combo Rope and Tool Bag

RIT-150 CAN MAN COMBO ROPE AND TOOL BAG Developed to be used by FAST/RIT teams The side ..


RIT1080 Can Man RIT Team Staging Area Mat

RIT1080 CAN MAN RIT TEAM STAGING AREA MAT Great mat for organizing your RIT and Fast Team items ..


Air Pac-RIT Bag

AIR PAC – RIT BAG SCBA Rescue & Storage Bag   ✔ Economical, str..


Back-Up Entry Tool

BACK-UP ENTRY TOOL Built to hold open a wide range of doors to allow ease in moving hose an..


Multi Purpose Tool Bag

MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL BAG Great for heavy tools and parts for rescue equipment.   ..


SCBA Cylinder Rescue Bag

SCBA CYLINDER / RESCUE BAG Safe Storage and Transport of SCBA Cylinders and Air Bag Rescue Co..


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