Confined Space

Junkin confined space stretchers and evacuation chairs are designed for use in confined spaces. The SKEDCO products featured here will fit into most confined space compartments on your vehicles.

Junkin Medical Corps Type Aluminum Pole Stretcher JSA-501-NA



Sked-Evac Tripod

 SKED-EVAC® TRIPOD The SKED-EVAC® Tripod extends to ten feet high at the three a..

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SKEDCO Bariatric Sked Stretcher

 BARIATRIC SKED® STRETCHER The Bariatric Sked® Stretcher is designed to move obe..

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SKEDCO HMH Sked Rescue System Complete

SKEDCO HMH SKED® RESCUE SYSTEM COMPLETE Compact, decontaminable, durable, and ..

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SKEDCO Oregon Spine Splint II - Orange

 OREGON SPINE SPLINT II – ORANGE Choice of the U.S. Army, this spinal immobi..

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SKEDCO Sked Basic Rescue System- Orange

 SKED® BASIC RESCUE SYSTEM COMPLETE ORANGE The original and still the best res..

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SKEDCO Sked Complete Rescue System Orange


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Junkin Easy-Fold Aluminum Pole Stretcher JSA-601-NA

EASY-FOLD ALUMINUM POLE STRETCHER JSA-601-NA Easily set up and compact for storing.   ..


Junkin Evacuation Chair with Extended Handles JSA-800-EH

JUNKIN EVACUATION CHAIR WITH EXTENDED HANDLES   Designed for use in confined area..


Junkin Folding Plastic Backboard JSA-366

JUNKIN FOLDING PLASTIC BACKBOARD Includes four nylon patient restrainer straps    ..


Junkin Confined Space Evacuation Chair JSA-800-CS

CONFINED SPACE EVACUATION CHAIR FOR STAIRS Designed for use in confined areas. Junkin&r..


Junkin Confined Space Stretcher JSA-300-CS

JUNKIN CONFINED SPACE STRETCHER JSA-300-CS Confined Space Rescue Stretcher, designed for res..


Junkin Break Away Stretcher JSA-300-B

BREAK AWAY STRETCHER The Junkin JSA-300-B break away rescue stretcher is designed to rescue inj..


Junkin Flat Break-Away Stretcher JSA-900

JSA-900 JUNKIN FLAT BREAK-AWAY STRETCHER This breakaway stretcher is easily separated wi..


Junkin Full Length Backboard With Runners JSA-360-R

JUNKIN FULL LENGTH BACKBOARD WITH RUNNERS Has 3/4" runners on bottom for ease in lifting..


Junkin Head and Neck Immobilizer

JSA-363-BF JUNKIN HEAD IMMOBILIZER The head immobilizer is vinyl coated and is both buoyant a..


Junkin Inflatable Six Splint Kit

JSA-18-20 INFLATABLE SIX SPLINT KIT For immediate first-aid treatment of sprains, fractures, ..


Junkin Nec Loc Extrication Collar

JSA-20 JUNKIN NEC-LOC EXTRICATOR COLLARS Two piece design extrication collar, with front..


Junkin Plastic Stretcher JSA-200

JUNKIN PLASTIC STRETCHER Ideal for unusually rugged rescue situations such as industrial, min..


Junkin Break-Away Plastic Stretcher JSA-200-B

BREAK-AWAY PLASTIC STRETCHER The same construction as JSA-200 except it is a break-apart stre..


Junkin Confined Space Backboard JSA-360-CS

CONFINED SPACE BACKBOARD The Junkin JSA-360-CS Confined Space Backboards are ideally suited f..


Junkin Evacuation Chair with Four Wheels JSA-800-W

JUNKIN EVACUATION CHAIR WITH FOUR WHEELS   Designed for use in confined areas. Id..


Junkin Half Length Backboard JSA-361

JUNKIN HALF LENGTH BACKBOARD Includes two nylon patient restrainer straps     S..


Junkin Folding Full Length Aluminum Backboard JSA-362-A

JUNKIN FOLDING FULL LENGTH ALUMINUM BACKBOARD This aluminum backboard includes four nylo..


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