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The V18-ES is an 18″, single-speed, electric PPV set on the innovative Valor frame.  

An effective PPV for departments looking for their first PPV fan or departments on a tighter budget.

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✔  7-Point Cast Aluminum Blade – holds up better than plastic in high heat

✔  Precision Spun Steel Shroud – durability with maximum airflow

✔  Full Roll Cage Aluminum Frame – protects key components – 15% lighter than steel frames

✔  Solid Cushion Tires – heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs

✔  7-Position Tilt Frame – positive and negative angles allow for placement on stairs, easy to maneuver for taller firefighters

✔  Fold-Down Ergonomic Handle – folds down within frame for storage, easy grip with heavy-duty gloves

✔  5 Year Warranty



  • Motor – Leeson, single speed, TEAO, 1Hp, 60/50hz, 115/230V

  • HxWxD – 23.5″ x 22″ x 21″

  • Blade Diameter – 18″

  • Weight – 80 lbs 

  • RPM – 1783

  • Start Requirements – 4000w – 15 amp circuit

  • Run Requirements – 1500w

  • Set Back – 9 ft

  • Angle – 13°

  • Output – 6378 cfm

*RPM is at 60Hz – for 50Hz – RPM and output should be multiplied by 5/6


V18-ES Factory Manual

V18-ES Manufacturer Page

Valor PPV Series Product Sheet 

Guard Options for PPVs

Every department has a different variety of buildings in their jurisdiction, and no jurisdiction is the same. Super Vac has two different PPV guard options that enable the fan to have different airstreams. With two guards to choose from, departments can choose the best option for their particular needs. Both guards are equally effective, but airflow patterns create easier setups in different situations.

cone guard stream shaper guard
Cone Guard (Optional) StreamShaper Guard (Standard)

Cone Guards create an air stream with a wider pattern creating pressure to be displaced evenly across the fan's venturi. This pattern is beneficial for many different ventilation scenarios, including open floor plans and large commercial structures. This is also a great solution when there is less room in front of doors, such as small front porches and stoops.

The new Stream Shaper Guard has a narrower air stream, causing more pressure in front of the fan's shroud. This is a great pattern for scenarios where departments need a more precise airflow, such as high-rise buildings and floor plans with many small rooms. This pattern can be set up further from the entrance to the building, leaving more room for personnel entering the building.


cone airflow stream shaper flow
Cone Airflow StreamShaper Airflow


Light Options


These lights are deployed automatically every time the handle is lifted on your Valor Series fan.

✔   This is a complete replacement handle with two (2) LEDs mounted inside the handle with batteries

✔   Saves manpower from setting up separate lighting tripods

✔   Easy in the field upgrade for your Super Vac Valor PPV.

✔   Available in two sizes  for 18” or 20” Valor PPV

  • VLK-18HDL LED     Handle Light Kit for 18" Valor Fan

  • VLK-20HDL LED     Handle Light Kit for 20" Valor Fan

Valor Handle with LED


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Super Vac Valor Electric Positive Pressure Ventilator- V18-ES

  • $3,017.50

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