Murdock Hand Washing Stations

Hand Washing Stations

Murdock manufactures stainless steel hand washing stations for indoor and outdoor applications. Our Indoor Wash-N-Go!™️ units feature sensor faucets, a wide basin with offset drain, and laminar flow to minimize splashing.

An Industry Leader Since 1853

Murdock Manufacturing has been the benchmark in the drinking fountain and water hydrant industries for nearly 170 years. In 1853, when most people were still drawing water from communal wells, John G. Murdock, Sr. founded Murdock Manufacturing in Cincinnati, OH, and began manufacturing frost-free hydrants to deliver water throughout the country.

Bob Murdock, the current president, represents the fifth generation of Murdock family guidance over the company. The family isn’t just limited to the Murdocks, however. Morris Group International (MGI), which Murdock joined in 2006, is in its second generation of Morris family leadership. A number of other MGI divisions are also run by their founding families, and many other family members work throughout the company.


EZ Wash-N-Go!™ Indoor Retrofit Hand Sink

Re-Open Safely and Quickly with the Murdock Wash-N-Go!™ Hand Washing Station! Hand w..


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