Over 25 years ago Fire-End coined the phrase the Ultimate Gear Bag. Our 007 Ultimate Gear Bag is still our best selling firefighter gear bag. Perhaps you are looking for a firefighter gear bag with wheels, hydrant tool bag, rope bag, fire hydrant bucket, fire hose bag, search and rescue backpack, or bicycle panniers; we have you covered. Need your Rock-N-Rescue throw bags or grand rope bags? We have those too.

Please peruse our selection of bags. We’re sure you will find one that meets your needs.

Ultimate Gear Bag

007 ULTIMATE GEAR BAG The Ultimate Gear Bag is a huge firefighter gear bag. Carries more tha..



EXTRA LARGE HYDRANT BAG 439YL Holds your hydrant tool and related items. The #439 is th..


RNR Deluxe Trident Series Throw Bag

RNR DELUXE TRIDENT SERIES THROW BAG Rock-N-Rescue Economy Water Rescue Throw Bags are us..

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RNR Grand Rope Bags

RNR GRAND ROPE BAGS The Rock-N-Rescue Grand Rope Bag has been built to meet all of your bag n..

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RNR NFPA Trident Series Throw Bag

RNR NFPA TRIDENT SERIES THROW BAG Rock-N-Rescue NFPA Trident Series Throw Bags are used anywh..

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Step-In Gear Bag

STEP-IN FIREFIGHTER GEAR BAG Keep your turnout gear ready to go in this Step-In firefighter gear ..


Ultimate Gear Bag with Wheels

007-WH ULTIMATE GEAR BAG WITH WHEELS The wheels make it easier to carry this huge firefighter gea..


887RD R.I.T. BAG

  R.I.T. BAG #887RD A versatile RIT Equipment bag that can be set up for too..


888RD R.I.T. BAG

  The R.I.T. (Rapid Intervention Team) Air/Equipment Bag also known as a  R.A...


AED Individual Pannier (Right Side)

AED PANNIER 1326 The AED pannier has a pocket measuring 14” H x 34” in circumfer..


Biker Trauma/Oxygen Pack

BIKER TRAUMA/OXYGEN PACK 1310 A top mount dual purpose bag which may be used as a trauma bag..


Individual 6-Pocket Pannier (Left Side)

6-POCKET INDIVIDUAL PANNIER (LEFT SIDE) 1363 This pannier consists of 6 pockets of dif..


Individual 6-Pocket Pannier (Right Side)

6-POCKET INDIVIDUAL PANNIER (RIGHT SIDE) 1366 This pannier consists of 6 pockets of dif..


Oxygen/BVM Individual Pannier (Left Side)

OXYGEN/BVM PANNIER 1323 (LEFT SIDE) Designed to hold a "C" cylinder and a BVM (Amb..


RIT-150 Can Man Combo Rope and Tool Bag

RIT-150 CAN MAN COMBO ROPE AND TOOL BAG Developed to be used by FAST/RIT teams The side ..


Blue With Star of Life Gear Bag

BLUE WITH STAR OF LIFE GEAR BAG 200BS  The original “Turn Out Gear Bag” was..


Hazardous Chemical Suit Bag

HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL SUIT BAG 190RD This bag will hold a suit, boots, respirator, etc. A ..


Intubation Kit

INTUBATION KIT 259OR A roll-up intubation kit that consists of four large pockets for packag..


Mega Trauma Pack

MEGA TRAUMA PACK  375      This is a huge backpack/trauma bag made ..


Multi-Pro Trauma Pack

MULTI-PRO TRAUMA PACK 860 Removable fold out, color-coded pockets with clear vinyl window. ..


Oxygen Roll Bag

OXYGEN ROLL BAG 838GR Fully padded to carry your oxygen cylinder, regulator, and accessories..


Oxygen Roll Bag with Side Pocket

OXYGEN ROLL BAG 838GR-PT Same features as the 838GR with the addition of a side pocket measu..


Pink Gear Bag

PINK GEAR BAG 196FF-XL  This bag is 25% larger than the average gear bag on the market...


Portable Oxygen D Cylinder Padded Bag



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