Ready Rack Hose Handling and Drying Equipment

Look to Ready Rack for all your fire department's hose handling and drying equipment. Hose washers, hose dryers, and hose winders are among the many different types of equipment available.

Large Diameter Hose Winder

LARGE DIAMETER HOSE WINDER Turns winding hose into a one-person operation.   &..


Ready Rack Hose Drying Rack

READY RACK HOSE DRYING RACK FOR PPEHD The hose drying rack has been designed to be fit into..


Ready Rack Mobile Hose Cart

MOBILE HOSE CART Our mobile hose cart saves time and eliminates back strain from carryin..

Price based on selected options.

Ready Rack Firehouse Express 6 Gear Dryer

READY RACK FIREHOUSE EXPRESS DRYER – 6 GEAR The Ready Rack Firehouse Express Dryers are..


Ready Rack Dry and Store Hose Rack

DRY AND STORE HOSE RACK With the Dry and Store Hose Rack, you can dry the hose and store it o..


Ready Rack Mobile Hose Drier-Hose Tower

MOBILE HOSE DRIER/HOSE TOWER Equipment dries naturally and quickly, prolonging the life of yo..


Ready Rack Tilting Hose Turntable

TILTING HOSE TURNTABLE Built to help you and your department easily roll 50′ and 100&pr..


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