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This unique configuration offers various options on the fireground.

The Denver Hook features a Gator Back Head at one end and a NY Roof Hook at the other. Constructed on a versatile steel shaft.

The Gator-Back

  1. A regular tapered pike pole head.
  2. On its back, is ten sharpened cross-cutting teeth that can cut on the pull stroke as well as the push stroke.
  3. It will cut lath, plaster, and sheetrock faster than any tool on the market today.
  4. Used with a "D" handle it can easily saw through ice in a pond, lake or river.

NY Roof Hook

The chisel end is used as a prying tool for scuttle hatches and roof doors. 



  • Gator Back Head at one end
  • NY Roof Hook at the other end
  • Steel shaft
  • Celtex Grip
  • Available in various lengths

Note: 8’ size is actually 90” long (shortened by 6” enables shipment by UPS). If you require 8’ it will ship via motor freight, for additional charges not shown in the shopping cart.)

Fire Hooks Denver Hook

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Fire Hooks Denver Hook

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