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A special lightweight all-steel or fiberglass hook with Claw Fork and NY Roof Hook style head. 


✔ Made of special lightweight steel or fiberglass shaft covered with 28 inches of our exclusive fire retardant, no-slip celtex grip.

✔ On one end is our famous New York Roof Head; our newly designed Talon Fork is on the other. Excellent for overhaul. 

✔ Available in sizes 2 ft. to 8ft. for the same price. The most popular size is 5 ft.


  • NY Rook Hook  (FDNY Specs) on one end
  • Claw Fork (same as Pro Bar) on the other end
  • Celtex non-slip grip
  • Available all-steel or fiberglass
  • Same price your choice 2’ to 8’ length







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Fire Hooks Talon Hook

  • $165.95

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