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A-type lock puller that can do it all

This is a  personal tool featuring a knurled grip, an "A" type lock puller & gas shutoff on the fork end. Carry the Truckman's Tool with the knowledge that it will do it all as a personal tool.

Some of the jobs it can perform.

  1. "A" Type Lock puller
  2. Gas Shut-off
  3. Nail Puller
  4. Hammer
  5. Pry Bar
  6. Wedge Tool
  7. Wall Opener
  8. Probe During Search
  9. Thermal Pane Window Breaker
  10. Chisel and Plate Puller
  11. Molding and Trim Remover
  12. Venting Tool

Many Other Uses:

  • pull trim
  • snap padlocks
  • make examining holes
  • pull lath plaster
  • vent windows
  • probe during searches


  • 4130 aircraft steel

  • Welds: Shaft is recessed into fork and adz, heat pressed, and welded.

  • Knurled grip

  • Available in two sizes

    • 16” Length (3 lbs.)

    • 12” Length (2½ lbs.)



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Fire Hooks Truckman's Tool

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