Metal Free Airport Friendly

✔ Leg Height: 4”
✔ Haix Smart Lacing System 
✔ Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot
✔ Cushiony, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial sole with “AIRFLOW” channels
✔ Pronation support to prevent arch collapsing inward
✔ Supination support with spring back energy return
✔ Cushioning in the heel area for shock absorption

A Shoe Made with Innovative Technology and All Day Functionality

The HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 11 Low is the perfect gear anatomically designed for the man who is always on the go whether it’s for a run or on active police duty. The athletic gear combines both innovative technology with all day functionality making it the ideal shoe to wear on the job and off, inside and out.

The HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 11 Low is lightweight, comfortable, and durable with many features you never thought could exist in a boot. And because it’s metal free, you can take it and wear it anywhere even when working around metal detectors.

Slip Resistant Soles with Multi-Directional Anti-Slip Grip

The sole of the shoe is made out of special rubber mixture for long-lasting durability. Combine this together with a unique tread design ensures excellent grip on various terrains. The excellent multi-directional anti-slip grip allows you to run, stop, and turn in these shoes without having to worry about falling or slipping. It’s also oil resistant and gasoline resistant and won’t mark up your floors.

Built-in Stone Shield and TPU Cap

The shoe’s built in stone shield protects your feet from every rock or stone that you might encounter on uncertain terrain. It also stabilizes the shoe, guiding your stride during unstable movements to prevent foot injuries.  The TPU cap over the toe of this footwear provides a little more abrasion protection, especially when walking through areas that can be rough on the on the toe surface.

Shock Absorbent Heel with Pronation and Supination Support

The cushioning in the heel area of this athletic shoe makes it absorbent to any kind of shock while the spring-back material in the forefoot allows you to efficiently use your energy. The supination and pronation support provides an even distribution of weight throughout your foot which is good for your foot health. While supporting the center of the heel, it prevents your arch from collapsing inward. Your feet are kept in their optimal, natural position.

Moisture-Absorbent Sole and Breathable Microfiber Design

The removable antibacterial sole is made out of a softly cushioned material to provide your feet with long-lasting comfort throughout the day. And even without GORE-TEX®, you are still assured of drier feet at all times thanks to the sole’s moisture absorbent properties and AIRFLOW channels. With the light microfiber design that’s extremely breathable, all parts of your foot including your sole and midsole will feel comfortable as you walk, run, or jump.

Smart Lacing System

The smart lacing system allows you to get in and out of your boots without having to worry about whether your shoelaces are tied or not. No more tying, no more knotted laces to ensure your shoes stay tied. Just tighten the slider and your shoes stay secure all day long.. With the HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 11 Low, you get to be on the go anytime you want!

One Year Extended Warranty

The HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 11 Low comes with an extended limited warranty if you fill out the online form. The warranty is for our customer’s added protection. But after trying on the boots, you might not have to look for any other footwear brand again.




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Haix Black Eagle® Athletic 11 Low

  • Brand: Haix
  • Model: 300002
  • $134.00
  • $105.95

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