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It’s time to ditch those clunky rubber boots and step into a pair of leathers. Fire Hunter USA is the perfect choice for making that transition from rubber to leather since it won’t take a huge chunk out of your paycheck. 

Dual Certified For Structural Fire Fighting and Hazmat NFPA 1971 & 1992

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✔   Leg Height: 11”

✔   Profiled Rubber Toe Cap

✔   Large Boot straps

Waterproof and Breathable Leather with Sun Reflect

Sure it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of our other fire boots, but Fire Hunter USA is still European-made and built with only quality European leather and unique HAIX® features. The leather waterproof upper material features minimal seaming making the boots much more durable. With the added Sun Reflect protection, your feet are kept cool even when the boots are under direct sunlight. It reduces the heating effect and reflects the sunlight back, so the leather stays cool.

Protected by CROSSTECH® and Secura Liner®

The HAIX® Fire Hunter USA features a CROSSTECH® inner liner that makes the boots waterproof and resistant against chemicals and bloodborne pathogens. This means you never have to worry about any bacteria or harmful chemicals penetrating your boots while on duty. You can fully perform firefighter duties while still being protected. The unique Secura Liner® feature protects your boots from wear and tear, and it won’t wrinkle up or pull out as it ages.

Protective Steel Toe Cap and Puncture Protective Sole

These NFPA-approved boots are built with an anatomically correct steel toe giving your toes the room they need to move around and protects them from getting crushed. The HAIX® MSL system allows for better shock absorption and cold and heat insulation, while the stainless steel puncture protective sole safeguards you from penetration from sharp objects. The best part of all is that these NFPA certified boots are low weight, so you can keep going. You don’t have to worry about your footwear holding you back from performing your duty as a firefighter.

Moisture Absorbent with HAIX® Climate system

The HAIX® Fire Hunter USA has a built-in Climate System which ensures that your shoes are well-insulated while balancing the temperature inside the boot. So if it’s cool, your feet are kept warm, and if it’s hot, your feet are kept cool. The Climate System allows air circulation with every step through the vent holes at the top of the boot, making way for fresh air to come in while letting the moist air out.
If you’re on duty for a whole day, you need not worry about smelly feet when you take off your shoes. The HAIX® Fire Hunter USA’s moisture absorbent insole properties keep your feet dry at all times. And because it’s machine washable and quick-drying, you can keep your footwear feeling and smelling fresher. Dry it overnight, and you’re good to go the next day!

Reinforced Boot Straps with Ankle Support

The footbed of the HAIX® Fire Hunter USA is built with an anatomically formed TEXON midsole which also helps to keep your foot drier and while supporting the ankle. The midsole ensures the foot gets the support it needs to stay in its natural position while stabilizing the heel, which, in turn, keeps your ankle in alignment. The boot straps help ease your feet into the boots. It’s pretty handy considering that you never know when you’re needed on duty. During emergencies, you can easily slip into your boots by pulling the boot straps. No crazy shoelaces that you need to untangle and tie.

Rubber Shell Sole with PU Foam

The HAIX® Fire Hunter USA sole is resistant to abrasion. The sole is injected with PU foam, so your feet are kept comfortable even if you’re standing for long periods of time. Called the HAIX® MSL System, the PU foam acts as a shock absorber while protecting your feet from hot and cold temperature extremes on the ground. The nitrile rubber sole is slip-resistant and can withstand the high temperatures you can encounter on a fire call.  It is also resistant to oil and fuel, with a high voltage resistance of up to 14 kV.



Item number


Primary use

Structural fire




NFPA 1971-2013, NFPA 1992-2012, ASTM F 2413-2011, CAN/CSA-Z195-2014


(SL) Secura Liner, Protective Sole, Protective Steel Toe Cap, (HD) High Durability Cap, (MSL) Micro Soft Light, Climate, Sun Reflect, CROSSTECH®, Classified UL, Classified UL Canada



Upper material

Smooth leather

Inner liner



FIRE 011 Sole


Steel ladder shank




Electrical hazard

Safety toe

Steel toe

Puncture protection


Leg height in inches

11 inches




  • Engineered in Germany

  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time

  • HAIX® Sun Reflect leather helps keep feet cooler in direct sunlight

  • HAIX® MSL System (Micro Soft Light) PU foam is injected throughout the sole for greater shock absorption and cold/heat insulation

  • HAIX® Climate System keeps your feet temperature regulated and more comfortable

  • Steel protective toe cap

  • Exterior profiled rubber toe cap for added abrasion resistance when crawling

  • Steel puncture protective sole

  • Ladder shank for extra support on ladder rungs

  • Larger boot straps placed below the topline so as not to rub the calf

  • Waterproof/breathable with CROSSTECH®

  • Increased chemical protection and bloodborne pathogen resistance

  • Slip-resistant and highly heat resistant rubber sole

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Haix Fire Hunter USA Boot

  • Brand: Haix
  • Model: 502004
  • $336.95

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