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The HaulerBiner is a mechanical advantage system, which has three pulley wheels incorporated into each carabiner, creating a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 Mechanical Advantage system.

The HaulerBiner has a purpose designed progress capture cam, with an ‘on/off’ position. It utilizes purpose-developed 6mm (1/4″) diameter rope, for strength and easy handling/best grip.

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The HaulerBiner can be used in a number of ways:

✔   As part of a pick-off system

✔   On a structure, pull down on the system and achieve a 6:1 (theoretical) Mechanical Advantage

✔   When suspended in a harness, the user can pull up on the system and achieve a 7:1(theoretical) Mechanical Advantage

✔   With a D4/D2 Descender, as part of a short-haul/long-lower system

✔   As a tensioning system for short/low load lines

✔   As a stretcher management device, using two or more HaulerBiners to easily change or adjust the orientation of the stretcher

The HaulerBiner is supplied in a double pocket pouch, for easy deployment and storage on the user’s harness.


  • Rope Diameter: 6mm

  • MBS: 3,596 lbf. (16kN)

  • Weight: 20 oz.

  • Made outside of the US.


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ISC HaulBiner Rescue Kit

  • Brand: ISC
  • Model: HaulBiner

Tags: prnr, ISC HaulBiner Rescue Kit, arborist safety, pulleys, ISC, HB300A, HB165A