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Large Diameter Hose with Storz connections has quickly become a fire industry standard. The conversion of existing threaded fire hydrants to quick quarter turn Storz connections is becoming one of the first steps that communities are taking in a quest toward, faster response time and interoperability.



  • Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 extruded forging only.
  • Stainless steel set screws for mounting.
  • The converter is hard anodized aluminum metal face seal and hard anodized aluminum Storz ramp and lugs/nut.
  • The NH thread female adapter contains a flat rubber gasket which seals against the male hydrant nozzle. Special threads are available upon request.

All kits include an NH thread female adapter which contains a flat rubber gasket that seals against the male hydrant nozzle. We offer three different kits to meet your requirements.

(-7) Kit Also Includes:

  • (3) set screws
  • Low Profile Hydrant Nut Storz Cap
  • Hi-Visibility Reflective Tape

(-2) Kit Also Includes:

  • (2) set screws
  • Standard Storz Cap
  • Hi-Visibility Reflective Tape is optional

(-3) Kit Also Includes:

  • (2) set screws
  • Mushroom Storz Cap
  • Hi-Visibility Reflective Tape


Did you know you can apply for a grant to retrofit your municipalities hydrant connections to storz hydrant converters?

The FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program provides the ability to apply for grants. The primary goal of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) is to enhance the safety of the public and firefighters with respect to fire-related hazards by providing direct financial assistance to eligible fire departments, nonaffiliated Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organizations, and State Fire Training Academies (SFTA) for critically needed resources to equip and train emergency personnel to recognized standards, enhance operations efficiencies, foster interoperability, and support community resilience.

To make the process easier, we have added a sample grant for you to download, and our storz hydrant converters guide and a link to the FEMA site.

Storz Hydrant Conversion Guide

Sample Grant for Storz Hydrant Converters

 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program


Kochek low profile Storz hydrant converter

(-7) with Low Profile Hydrant Nut Cap


Kochek Storz hydrant converter
(-2) with Standard Storz Cap


Kochek Storz mushroom cap
(-3) Mushroom Storz Cap


Also available in many colors and combinations. Here are just a few examples. We can customize them to your requirements.

Kochek hydrant conversion kit colors

Unlimited Custom Colors



Kochek Storz hydrant coverter kits in many colors
Unlimited Custom Combinations


Kochek Storz conversion kits with locks

(with security locks)


Kochek Storz conversion kit installation tool

Installation Tool


Kochek hydrant conversion bushings

Hydrant Conversion Bushings


Kochek fire hydrant caps

Hydrant Caps


Kochek firefitting wrenches

Hydrant Wrenches


Please call us for a consultation, and we will build a Storz Hydrant Converter to meet your specific requirements.
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Storz Hydrant Converter with Storz Cap

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  • Model: SSMC-XXXX-X

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