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Delivering uncompromising comfort, safety, and durability, our NFPA 1975-compliant uniforms allow strength and performance to stand up to the rigors of the job


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Box-pleated cargo pocket on each leg with hook and loop flap closure featuring additional inner pocket with zipper closure.

  • Front and back pocket openings reinforced at all corners

  • Double-layered reinforced front pockets

  • Superior crotch reinforcement by connecting all four panels of trouser at the greatest point of stress

  • Double hook and bar closure

  • Permanent silicone creases

StationWear Fabric Choices

Nomex® IIIA Aramid fiber manufactured by DuPont
6.5 oz/yd2 Blend of 93% Nomex®, 5% Kevlar® and 2% static dissipative fiber

  • Certified to Meet NFPA 1975

  • Inherently flame-resistant – won’t melt, drip or support combustion in the air 

  • FR cannot be degraded by laundering

  • Superior colorfastness

  • Char length less than 4”

  • Moderate moisture regain

  • Easy to maintain

  • Very low shrinkage

  • Color can change with overexposure to UV

  • Should not be considered where critical static control is required

  • Estimated wear life: 4 years

100% Cotton 
7.75 oz/ydNatural fiber taken from the cotton plant

  • Certified to Meet NFPA 1975

  • Known as the “comfort” fiber

  • Untreated cotton has no flame-resistant properties. 100% untreated cotton fabrics will ignite and burn quickly, but will not melt

  • Good moisture regain

  • Requires ironing

  • Tends to wrinkle, fade, and shrink due to the nature of the fiber. LION cotton fabrics have special dye and finishing methods to improve colorfastness and wrinkle resistance

  • May be considered where critical static control is required

  • Estimated wear life: 1 year

Poly/Cotton, Non-NFPA
7.75 oz/ydBlend 65% polyester/35% cotton

  • No flame resistance and will melt under high heat

  • Moderate moisture regain

  • Should not be considered where critical static control is required

  • Requires at least minimal ironing

  • Very low shrinkage

  • Good color fastness

  • Estimated wear life: 2 to 3 years


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LION Deluxe Six-Pocket Trousers, Unisex

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