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LION’s V-Force turnout gear features an innovative cut-in motion design for a more ergonomic garment that moves the way you do, while still offering unparalleled protection. Professional sport and military technology combine to create turnout gear that provides the mobility and comfort to do your job every day with the toughness and durability you expect from LION. V-Force comes standard with LION’s patented IsoDri® Moisture Management System. IsoDri turnouts absorb less water, helping protect against compression burns while keeping gear drier and lighter during use. In wet conditions, LION IsoDri gear remains more breathable and comfortable, reducing fatigue and heat stress. It also dries faster between runs.

Key V-Force Comfort & Mobility Benefits & Features

V-Force Turnout Coats

Ergonomically shaped to improve comfort, interface better with other PPE elements and deliver continuous thermal and moisture protection.

Elbows include cutouts, shaped pieces and darts to allow natural arm movement without restrictions or tugging.

Cut-in-motion design includes contoured coat sides, for a fit that moves with your body during firefighting activities. This innovative cut evenly distributes the weight of your turnout and positions seams to reduce conflicts with SCBA straps that can cause irritation and discomfort.

Shaped like your arm to promote free, unrestricted movement and reduce turnout coat hem rise.

Features inverted pleats in both the outer shell and liner system that expand as your arms move forward. The result is no tugging, binding, or bunching of material.

Provides a conduit for the release of vapor and guards against the potential hazards of trapped moisture. It’s also more flexible than traditional reflective trim.

Cutting Edge Turnout Gear That Combines Combat and Sports Technology For Outstanding Performance & Fit


V-Force® Turnout Pants

LION V-Force pants are available in multiple styles to fit various body types and meet your comfort needs, without sacrificing mobility, durability, or safety. Individuals can choose from a variety of styles within a department, and all will still be uniform.

All V-Force Pant Designs feature the following:

• V-Fit™ legs and knees are contoured and feature cutouts, shaped pieces, and darts to enable free, natural movement (optional additional knee padding available) • Radial Inseam and banded crotch reduce tension to add comfort and increase the wear life of your pants
• Nine inches of SemperDri™ in the lower legs repel water to keep your pants dry and reduce working weight, also reducing firefighter heat stress

V-force belted pants offer a low-rise waist with belt loops; a two-inch Kevlar® belt with a quick-release, thermoplastic buckle, and suspender buttons to give you the option of using the belt alone or adding suspenders.

V-Force Lumbar Pants have a traditional waist and feature the LION Lumbar Support System. This system is integrated into the V-Force pant and is orthopedically designed to provide adjustable mechanical support when you’re lifting, bending forward, standing or performing emergency rescues.

V-Force High-Back Pants provide the ultimate in thermal protection. A five-inch back panel extends above the waist. A unique hook and loop support pad attaches LION’s V-Back™ Suspenders to the pants. Snap tabs fasten the suspenders to the front (V-Back™ High-Back Suspenders are required).






Standard Back


Bi-Swing Back


Viz-a-V™ Trim Pattern



Belted High Back Lumbar


H-Back V-Back (for Low Back Pants)



V-Force Brochure

V-Force Standards and Options

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LION V-Force® Turnout Gear

  • Brand: LION
  • Model: VFORCE

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