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The Mars System is a pre-rigged/pre-packaged 4:1 mechanical advantage lifting-lowering system using a double camming pulley. 

✔   It is designed to lift and lower live loads and as such may be used for rescue or entry into confined spaces.

✔   All components used in the Mars System exceed the current NFPA, ANSI, and OSHA requirements. 

✔   No more fumbling about looking for parts to build a mechanical advantage system and no more scratching your head trying to remember how to assemble the parts! 

✔   Thanks to the 4:1 mechanical advantage, it is easy to lift a two-person load and then some.

✔   Unlike other manufacturers, we rig the Mars System with 1/2″ NFPA 2 person rated rope.

✔   The maximum safe working load at the load end of the system is 1,760 lbs, .and 440 lbs. at the cam.

✔   Made in the U.S.A.

Each kit listed here contains

  • Skedco double camming pulley

  • 1/2" NFPA 2 person rope (length varies by kit)

  • R-N-R double sheave pulley

  • 2 - carabiners

  • 1 - storage bag

  • All items preassembled and packaged.



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RNR Mechanical Advantage System with R-N-R Pulleys

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