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Ram Air’s Multi-Use Decon Sprayer gives you the tools you need for effective on-scene gross decontamination of gear, post-incident site cleanup, and proper decontamination of special-ops gear back at the station. Designed with air injection at the nozzle, the sprayer automatically mixes water and gear-cleaning solutions/disinfectants with air to achieve a foaming action that provides superior adhesion to gear. An on/off toggle switch gives you control of the flow for ease of use. The sprayer operates with a water pressure of up to 100psi, so it can easily be connected to a standard 3/4” garden hose at the station. When used with a fire hose adapter, the sprayer can be directly connected to a fire or pumper truck for effective gross decontamination of PPE at the scene or clean-up of the sidewalk or street following an incident.


  • Air Injection at Nozzle for Foaming Action

  • Connects to Standard 3/4″ Hose

  • Works with Water Pressure up to 100psi

  • 1% Eduction Rate

  • Extra-long Spraying Wand

  • 1.25 Gallon Capacity Jug


Adapters are available; order the correct thread type your department uses either (1½ F NST x M GHT) or (1½ F NPSH x M GHT) 

37R Rigid Rocker Lug Female to Male Adapter


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AGF Grant Writing Info Sheet


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Ram Air DECON-1 Multi-Use Decon Sprayer

  • $350.00

Delivery/Shipping Availability: Item ships directly from manufacturer. Ships in approximately 3-5 weeks.

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