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Ram Air’s Special-ops Decon System Bundle simplifies the process by teaming a decontamination sprayer with a rinse station and a gear dryer.

The Rinse Station securely holds gear in an upright position for easy cleaning and decontamination using the Ram Air Gear Decon Sprayer. The sprayer automatically mixes water and gear-cleaning solutions/disinfectants with air to achieve a foaming action for optimum decontamination. After cleaning, the dressed stickman is tranferred to the 4-IHT Gear Dryer for quick drying without further handling of the gear.

By allowing for inverted drying, the T4-IHT is able to dry hazmat, immersion and dry or wet suits for swiftwater, dive or ice rescues. Ram Air special ops dryers quickly and efficiently dry personal protective equipment (PPE) that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate while still drying standard bunker gear and accessories. Adjustable to any size gear, the T4-IHT dries PPE without turning gear inside out and causing damage to the gear. Gone are the days of hosing down gear and waiting days for it to dry. With Ram Air’s immersion/hazmat/dive or ice rescue/turnout gear dryers you can rest assured that your gear will be back in action fast!


T4-IHT Special Ops Gear Dryer

RS-BSTK Rinse Station Base with Stickman

DECON-1 Single Jug Gear Decon Sprayer


Special-Ops Gear Decon System Bundle

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AGF Grant Writing Info Sheet

How to Videos

Special-Ops and Rinse Station Video

Changing Temperature Settings

Creating a Custom Timer

No Timer Option-Continuous Drying

Quick Access Menu and Options

Quick Start Options

Selecting the Drying Mode




FH-1 Flexible Hose and Blower Connection

  • Used to Attach Removable Blower to Pumper Truck Water Ports for Quick Drying in Harsh Winter Conditions


Blower with pumper connection
Blower Unit detached (shown with optional pumper hose)


Note: Due to contractual agreements we are only permitted to offer Ram Air Gear Dryer products for sale in the state of New York. If you are located outside New York please contact Ram Air Gear Dryer at 888-EZEE-DRY for the name of your local dealer.

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Ram Air 4-Unit Special-Ops Gear Dryer Bundle Package

  • $9,540.00

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Delivery/Shipping Availability: Item ships directly from manufacturer. Approximate delivery in 3-5 weeks.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm:

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