SENSIT® GOLD is a portable gas leak detector and multi-gas confined space monitor in one user-friendly instrument.

As an investigative tool, the SENSIT® GOLD LEL sensor is designed to find the source of combustible gas leaks fast.

Adjustable Tick-Dial Leak Detection

  • Fast leak detection
  • Bright Graphic Display
  • Visual and Audible Alarms
  • Automatic Zeroing
  • Field Calibration
  • Low-Cost, Long-Life Sensors

Displays Up To 4 Gases

  • LEL (PPM Optional)
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide

Standard Features

  • Bright Graphic Display
  • Audible and Visual Alarms 
  • Internal Pump
  • Water/Dust Filter
  • Operation & Calibration Memory 
  • Calibration Alert
  • Date/Time Display
  • Infrared Data Download
  • Programmable Auto Shut Off

Compatible with SMART-CAL 360 Calibration Station. Call for pricing on SMART-CAL 360 Calibration Stations.


  Standard Gas Detector Kit Includes

  • Sensit Gold G2 Series Gas Detector
  • Hard or Soft Carrying Case
  • (3) C Batteries
  • 2 Piece Bar Hole Probe
  • Extra Sensor Cap
  • Wrist Strap
  • T10 Allen Wrench
  • Instruction Manual

Standard w/ Manual Cal Kits Include

  • All items in Standard Kit
  • Calibration Gas (determined by gas detector model ordered)
  • Regulator
  • Hose

  Calibration Kits Include

  • Calibration gas cylinder/s determined by which kit you order
  • (1) Regulator
  • (1) Hose
Model Number/Type of Kit Cylinder/s Included in Kit
  881-00028 Manual Kit   (1) 21 liter 2.5% Methane
  881-00029 Manual Kit   (1) 21-liter Combo
  881-00030 Manual Kit   (1) 103-liter Combo and (1) 58 liter H2S


  Gas Detector Gas Model Number
  Sensit Gold A-Model   LEL   909-00000-A
  Sensit Gold A-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL   909-00000-ACAL
  Sensit Gold B-Model     LEL & CO   909-00000-B
  Sensit Gold B-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL & CO   909-00000-BCAL
  Sensit Gold C-Model   LEL & O2   909-00000-C
  Sensit Gold C-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL & O2   909-00000-CCAL
  Sensit Gold D-Model   LEL & H2S   909-00000-D
  Sensit Gold D-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL & H2S   909-00000-DCAL
  Sensit Gold E-Model   LEL, CO & O2   909-00000-E
  Sensit Gold E-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL, CO & O2   909-00000-ECAL
  Sensit Gold F-Model   LEL, CO & H2s   909-00000-F
  Sensit Gold F-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL, CO & H2S   909-00000-FCAL
  Sensit Gold G-Model   LEL, O2 & H2S   909-00000-G
  Sensit Gold G-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL, O2 & H2S   909-00000-GCAL
  Sensit Gold H-Model    LEL, CO, O2 & H2S   909-00000-H
  Sensit Gold H-Model w/ Manual Cal Kit   LEL, CO, O2 & H2S   909-00000-HCAL

Sensit Gold Brochure

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SENSIT® GOLD SERIES 1 to 4 Gas Multi Gas Detector

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