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Included are 4 HMH Skeds rolled and stored in rapid deployment bags.


✔   Also included are 8 Shuttle Sked rope kits in a single rapid deployment bag to keep everything organized.

✔   HMH Shuttle Sked ropes are constructed of 1/2 inch solid braid polypropylene. They are 200′ long with a figure 8 knot safe tied with a barrel knot and taped to prevent unraveling while in use. A Large aluminum D carabiner is attached. The rope kit includes a Haz-Mat rope bag for quick tangle free deployment. These ropes are attached to both ends of a HMH Sked for dragging into and out of the Hot-zone.


Note: it would be wise to have up to four (4) additional HMD Skeds to move the patients from the contaminated Shuttle Skeds to decon. Additional HMD Skeds are available at SK250 HMH Sked


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SKEDCO Shuttle Sked® Kit In Yellow Bag

  • $2,618.18

Delivery/Shipping Availability: Item ships directly from manufacturer. Approximate delivery in 2-3 weeks.

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