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This unique system features a Sked® Stretcher pre-rigged for extremely rapid deployment into the water. Using CO2 inflatable float logs, this system can be in the water, ready to use in less than 30 seconds. A patient can be packaged and ready for retrieval in less than 30 seconds. 


✔   The Rapid Deployment System, designed especially for Marine, Navy, and Coast Guard use, puts the Sked® Stretcher together with the Sked® Inflatable Flotation System in a large custom duffel bag.

✔   The system is maintained fully rigged in the bag. When deploying the system, the user unzips the duffel bag, triggers the CO2 cartridges, pulls two straps, and drops the ready-to-use system in the water.

The SK-650 Rapid Deployment Water Rescue System comes with

  • SK-200-OR The Sked® Basic Rescue System – International Orange
  • SK-605/SK606 CO2 Inflatable Float Logs (pair)
  • SK-602 Inflatable Chest Pad
  • SK-601 Ballast Weight
  • SK-604 Extra Long Handles (pair)
  • SK-652 Sling and Carabiner Float
  • SK-654 Rapid Deployment Carrying Case

Made in the USA.

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SKEDCO Rapid Deployment Water Rescue System Orange

  • Brand: SKEDCO
  • Model: SK650-O

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