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The Bariatric Sked® Stretcher is designed to move obese patients through difficult areas with less risk of injuring your back.


✔   It is 4 feet wide, a full 12 inches wider than the standard Sked. It is a full 8 feet long. It is made of a very tough non absorbing polyethylene plastic.  This will allow for containment of the very large patients inside the stretcher, thus preventing possible injuries to them from being moved.

✔   It functions just like the standard Sked. It is dragged over whatever terrain the patient is in. It can be dragged up a ramp to the ambulance floor or hoisted onto a bariatric gurney.

✔   It has a pair of lift slings that are long enough to accommodate nearly any size patient. They are used to hoist the patient onto a bariatric gurney for transport in the ambulance. Along with the slings, there is also included a large steel carabiner that has a minimum break strength of 9,000 pounds that is used to join the sling ends together and clipped into the hoist mechanism. There is also a tow strap included allowing two more people to assist in dragging.


  • Size: Rolled in Cordura pack: 10 in. diameter x 48 in. length.

  • Laid out flat: 4 feet x 8 feet.

  • Capacity 1,200 pounds.

  • Weight 18 lbs


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SKEDCO Bariatric Sked Stretcher

  • $421.95

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