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Super Vac’s 7 Series positive pressure fans are gas-powered for when departments need a high-quality PPV fan that does not depend on electricity. They feature a choice of gas engines (Briggs & Stratton, Commercial Honda, or Honda GX) to give departments a perfect choice to solve their ventilation challenges.

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The G4 series can create maximum airflow from these four popular sizes because of their mighty engines that offer the highest horsepower in their class.  

  • 16″ are easily transportable and space-saving as they are designed to compact dimensions of fire/rescue apparatus.  

  • The 18″, 718G4 is the most popular gas-powered PPV fan in the fire service because of its versatility to ventilate residential and commercial structures while maintaining portability.

The heart of these units is Super Vac’s one-of-a-kind aluminum blades.

  • Aluminum is better for heat resistance and has a longer life than plastic or composite blades.

  • Its unique four-tip, recurve design enhances output and user safety.

  • The blade is precision balanced and attached to the motor shaft for a direct drive connection.

  • Super Vac does not use any belts, gears, or pulleys in its smoke ejectors.

super vac Briggs engine Briggs & Stratton have built some of the most reliable small engines over the last 100 years. Super Vac offers PPV fans with engines from 127cc to 306cc to ensure the right fan for your particular industry.
super vac Honda GX engine Honda GX engines have long been the industry standard in providing reliable, easy starting, fuel-efficient small engines. Super Vac offers PPV fans with engines from 200cc to 270cc to ensure the right fan for your particular industry.
super vac honda gx engine Honda GC engines are the lightest engines in their class. Super Vac offers this 4-stroke 160cc engine on its PPVs for industries in need of a lightweight, compact engine.



  • These units have unmatched durability that will last for years.

  • Gas Engine – no need for generators or dealing with cables

  • Precision spun steel shroud – for maximum air movement and durability

  • Baked on powder coat paint – for a long-lasting finish

  • Heavy gauge steel grill – for added safety

  • One of a kind aluminum blade – holds up better than plastic in the high radiant heat of structure fires

  • Flat-free tires – transports with ease at scenes with lots of debris

  • Shroud tilt – adjusts to 4 different angle positions

  • Four carry handles for easy transportation.

  • Step brake – no need to bend down to secure fan in place

  • Rubber feet add friction to keep the unit in place

  • Front/rear safety guards prevent accidental contact with the blade.


716G4-H 718GC 720G4-B P244S
716G4-H 718GC 720G4-B P244S
The 716 is designed to compact dimensions that fit the tightest pumper compartments. The 718 is the perfect combination of size and airflow for everyday ventilation challenges. The 720 is perfect for departments with larger residential and commercial structures. The 724 is perfect for departments with larger residential and commercial structures.



  • Set Up Back: 6’
  • Set Up Angle: 18º
Model Motor CC RPM Fan
Weight H x W x D
716G4-B Briggs & Stratton 127 3450  16” 68 lbs 20"x20.5"x16" 9940
716G4-H Honda GX120 118 3530  16” 74 lbs 20"x20.5"x16" 11,740
716GC Honda GC160 160 3775 16” 70 lbs. 20"x20.5"x16" 10,230
718G4-B  Briggs & Stratton 205 3770 18” 84 lbs 22"x23.5"x19.5" 14,860
718G4-H Honda GX200 196 3535 18” 86 lbs. 22"x23.5"x19.5" 15,168
718GC  Honda GC160 160 3360 18” 78 lbs. 22"x23.5"x19.5" 13,223
720G4-B  Briggs & Stratton 205 3385 20” 94 lbs. 25.5"x26"x19.5" 17,235
720G4-H Honda GX200 196 3350 20” 96 lbs. 25.5"x26"x19.5" 18,182
720GC Honda GC160 160 3185 20” 88 lbs. 25.5"x26"x19.5" 15,499
724G4-B  Briggs & Stratton 306 3245 24” 120 lbs. 28"x29.5"x21" 21,100
724G4-H Honda GX270 270 3435 24” 134 lbs. 28"x29.5"x21" 20,920

Specs listed with cone guard

Light Kit Option


super vac led light kits SV750-16  Quick Silver LED Flash Light Kit
  • The QuickSilver Aluminum LED Holder allows you to position a small LED light source on your PPV.
  • Quick and easy to install, it protects the Streamlight LED unit while allowing easy adjustment and on/off capabilities.





Guard Options for PPVs

Every department has a different variety of buildings in their jurisdiction, and no jurisdiction is the same. Super Vac has two different PPV guard options that enable the fan to have different airstreams. With two guards to choose from, departments can select the best choice for their particular needs. Both guards are equally effective, but airflow patterns create easier setups in different situations.

super vac cone guard super vac stream shaper guard
Air Cone Guard (standard) StreamShaper Guard (optional POA)

Air Cone Guards create an airstream with a wider pattern creating pressure to be displaced evenly across the fan's venturi. This pattern is beneficial for many different ventilation scenarios, including open floor plans and large commercial structures. This is also a great solution when there is less room in front of doors, such as small front porches and stoops.

The new Stream Shaper Guard has a narrower air stream, causing more pressure in front of the fan's shroud. This is a great pattern for scenarios where departments need a more precise airflow, such as high-rise buildings and floor plans with many small rooms. This pattern can be set up further from the building entrance, leaving more room for personnel entering the building.


cone airflow stream shaper airflow
Air Cone Airflow StreamShaper Airflow



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