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Super Vac’s P Series – Hazardous Location smoke ejectors are perfect for departments in need of an electric smoke ejector for all types of ventilation situations.

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They are available in 4 sizes (12”, 16”, 20”, 24”) and feature an intrinsically safe explosion-proof motor paired with an explosion-proof switch.

  • These motors offer the highest level of protection in the industry and are listed for Class 1 Group D.

The heart of these units is Super Vac’s one-of-a-kind aluminum blades.

  • Aluminum is better for heat resistance and has a longer life than plastic or composite blades.

  • It’s unique four-tip, recurve design enhances output and user safety.

  • The blade is precision balanced and attached to the motor shaft for a direct drive connection. Super Vac does not use any belts, gears, or pulleys in their smoke ejectors.



  • Electric hazardous location motor – Class 1 Group D for use in extreme conditions

  • The entire frame is constructed of steel (16 and 20″ models also available in aluminum)

  • Baked on powder coat paint – for a long-lasting finish

  • Heavy gauge steel grill – for added safety

  • One of a kind aluminum blade – holds up better than plastic in the high radiant heat of structure fires

  • Four carry handles for easy transportation.

  • Rubber feet add friction to keep unit in place

  • Front/rear safety guards prevent accidental contact with the blade.

  • All units come standard 115V AC, can be wired for 220-volt operation


P124SE P164SE P200SE P244SE
P124SE P164SE P200SE P244SE
 Perfect for ejecting smoke and having a small unit for confined space ventilation.    It is the perfect combination of high airflow with easy to handle size.  Perfect for a mix of residential and commercial buildings.  Perfect for a mix of large residential and mid-sized commercial buildings.



Model Electric
Weight H x W x D
P124SE 1/2 Hp 12” 42 lbs 15 ½”x 15”x 13”
P164SE 1/3 Hp 16” 49 lbs 19 ¼″ x 18 ¾″ x 13″
P164SE-AL 1/3 Hp 16” 46 lbs. 19 ¼″ x 18 ¾″ x 13″
P200SE 1 Hp 20” 93 lbs 25 ½ x 24 ¾″ x 16 ¼″
P200SE-AL* 1 Hp 20” 88 lbs. 25 ½ x 24 ¾″ x 16 ¼″
P244SE* 1 ½ Hp 24” 115 lbs. 28 ½″ x 28″ x 18 ¾”
  * These motors are Hazardous Location – Class 1 Group D


Model Amp
P124SE 15  2000 800 3700
P164SE 15  2000 700 5200 
P164SE-AL 15  2000 700 5200
P200SE 15 4000 1500 9800
P200SE-AL* 15 4000 1500 9800
P244SE* 20 6000 2100 11,800
  * These motors are Hazardous Location – Class 1 Group D


Optional Tilt Frame for 12” or 16” Models Only

tilt frame

✔  This bracket will help you point airflow precisely in any direction at any angle.  

✔  It easily retrofits onto an existing Super Vac i-Line fan or smoke ejector.

✔  Allows for quick setup and effortless tilting of the fan in any direction.

✔  Available for 12″ or 16″ Super Vac smoke ejectors or blowers/exhausters.



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Super Vac P Series (SE) Hazardous Location Smoke Ejectors

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