We are taking a clue from the old Cog Incline Railroad lines.

cog railway

Turtle Plastics has developed the neatest, simplest, safest, fastest, and most ergonomic way to crib a vehicle. 
cog step chock kits

✔   Simply deploy the step chock and place the "engine or platform" on the track. Now pull on the special handgrip and "WALLA" THE VEHICLE IS CRIBBED AND WEDGED ALL WITH ONE MOTION. 

✔   Now, say you want to make the "engine/platform" higher for larger vehicles, add 3 variants in height with the traditional lock blocks. 

✔   Or, let us say for whatever reason, a traditional STEP CHOCK is a better or more familiar solution. Just FLIP the COG, and it becomes a traditional STEP but with the added feature of increasing its height with more of the famous LOCK BLOCKS. 

✔   Unlike traditional wood cribbing, Turtle Plastics Dura Cribbing is stronger and more effective.

✔   The strong plastic is stable and will not absorb oils or other hazardous fluids on the scene. Each cribbing piece includes a rope handle or molded hand grip for easy carry and deployment.

The Cog Step Chock Kits include Cog Step Chocks, Lock Blocks, and Bags.

  • Non-Absorbing

  • Super Stability

  • Corrosion proof

  • Non-splitting

  • Stronger, cleaner, and safer than wood


  • Two (2) SC-COG-1 COG Step Chock

  • Three (3) LB-K Turtle Lock Block Kit

  • Bonus Carrying Bags


Note: This item will be supplied in black only until further notice due to a shortage of yellow recycled plastic. 

Wood Free Zone (plastic cribbing –vs.- wood)

From 100% Recycled
Materials and
100% Recyclable


With one Lock Block added

Inverted with Cog Removed

Inverted with Cog removed and two Lock Blocks added


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Turtle Plastics Cog Step Chock Kit A

  • $766.95

Delivery/Shipping Availability: Item ships directly from manufacturer. Ships in approximately 60-90 days.

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