The Fearless PC is a cutting-edge plate carrier system.

Featuring a laser-cut attachment platform, the Fearless PC can be customized with either TUBES® or COBRA® Alpha quick release Dynamic Cummerbund systems with accessory sleeves so you can kit out just the way your mission requires.


Innovative Features

  • Laser-cut attachment platform
  • TUBES®  quick-release Dynamic Cummerbunds platforms with accessory sleeves
  • MRM Vent System featuring 3D foam technology
  • Front and Back ID placard attachment points
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Upgraded Advanced Shoulder Pad (UASP) system featuring 3D foam technology
  • Bottom loading front and back rifle plate pockets
  • Accepts soft ballistic cummerbund inserts and plate backers


Cummerbund soft armor inserts
• First SpearTM Buoyancy Compensators (size dependent)
Ballistic structured deltoid protectors
Removable sling catch
Ballistic structured deltoid protectors
Laser-cut Hard Armor Shoulder Plates (HASP)




Armor Express Tactical Order Form

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Note: Super Sizes may incur additional charges that are not reflected in our shopping cart. 


Fearless PC Product Sheet

Build It To Meet Your Needs!

Choice of Colors

​​Choice of Rifle Plates

Triton Level III+ SA /DEA

TenCate CR4400 Level IV SA

C-Shock Special Threat SA

Choice of Optional (Set of Two) Removable ID Tags for front and back


Choice of PeraFlex Pouches

Streamlining your gear, minimizing bulk, and reducing weight are at the core of our Peraflex system pouches. By transitioning the pouch enclosure to an internal system, we utilize the structure of the core vest to keep the Peraflex pouch construction to a minimum. Lightweight, yet strong and flexible, this line offers the flexibility to customize your kit, while adding very few ounces. Able to be used in both front kangaroo or cummerbund configurations, which allow maximum modularity per user.


  • Removes clutter and snag points while also reducing weight
  • Slimline enough to secure your needed accessories inside the kangaroo or cummerbund on select vests without being too bulky
  • Available Colors
    • Black
    • Coyote
    • Ranger
    • Tactical Grey
    • OD Green


First Responder Bag

Protect Your Investment

Our padded First Responder Carry Bag is the ideal storage for your First Responder gear needed at the ready. Large enough to house your loaded out plate carrier kit and helmet, it can be quickly deployed for easy access – so you are ready to respond at a moment’s notice.


  • 6 rows of MOLLE webbing
  • ID attachment point
  • 2 hard armor plate pockets on the rear





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Armor Express Fearless PC (Plate carrier)

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