Overt Patrol

Armor Express overt carriers are designed to be worn over your duty/job clothing.

BRAVO is the future and most Overt Patrol Carriers on this website feature this design. BRAVO was born out of our drive to innovate and we are proud to offer this cutting-edge design that brings significantly greater benefits to our end-users, including better form, fit, and increased flexibility for enhanced safety and comfort.

The overt patrol carriers on our website are available with your choice of Level IIIA soft armor, all tested and in compliance with NIJ (National Institute of Justice, FBI, and DEA.

Any of these vests can be supplied with Level II soft armor. If you only require Level II soft armor, please call us at 800-759-FIRE for pricing and information.

Armor Express Level IIIA and III + SA Package C

  LEVEL IIIA/III + SA  (FEC-AE PACKAGE C) (carrier, soft armor, rifle plates, ..


Armor Express Fearless OCS

  FEARLESS OCS The Fearless OCS is a “throw and go” alpha sized Overt Pat..


Armor Express Hard Core FE Molle

  HARD CORE FE MOLLE   An effective ballistic protection vest solution that c..


Armor Express Hard Core FE Slick

  HARD CORE FE SLICK   An effective ballistic protection vest solution that can..


Armor Express Hard Core H3

  HARD CORE H3   The Hard Core H3 exhibits robust utility, yet it maintains a..


Armor Express Hard Core PT

  HARD CORE PT   The Hard Core PT offers many of the key features of our H3 o..


Armor Express Hard Core SU

  HARD CORE SU The Hard Core™ SU is a fully adjustable outer carrier. The li..


Armor Express OCS Bravo 4-pocket

  OCS BRAVO The Overt Carrier System BRAVO (OCS BRAVO) features a durable 500 Denier ..


Armor Express OCX

  OCX Turn your standard concealable armor into an external load bearing vest with th..


Armor Express Traverse Dress

  TRAVERSE DRESS The Traverse overt patrol vest in dress configuration is a front z..


Armor Express Traverse Molle Bravo Cut

  TRAVERSE MOLLE The Traverse MOLLE configuration is an overt patrol vest that featur..


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