What are the Best Firefighter Job Shirts and Jackets for Cool Weather?

It can be challenging for firefighters and other emergency personnel to find durable and comfortable tactical job shirts and other workwear. Add fall’s fluctuating temperatures, from cool to warm, and comfort becomes even more of a challenge.Game brand jackets

Fire-End understands that station wear needs to be well made, flexible, and competitively priced to suit the demands of law enforcement, first responders, and tactical operators. We’re proud to offer Game Sportswear and other quality brands that help keep emergency responders comfortable year-round.

This time of year, there can be times when it feels like there are three seasons taking place in one day, and your activity will contribute to fluctuating temps. Continue reading

Choose the Best LION Fire Helmet for You

Choosing the best fire helmet comes down to finding the best fire safety headgear that combines lightweight durability with comfort.

When it comes to durable comfort and high-performance protection, LION fire helmets are among the most popular.

LION is a trusted name in turnout gear, providing seven of the 10 largest first departments in the United States.

The American Classic and American Legend are our best-selling models. The American Heritage is also popular, but since it is leather, it is considerably higher in cost. Usually, the American Legend helmet is purchased by the individual firefighter. Continue reading

Why Quality and Fit Matter When Selecting Fire Gear

The safety of firefighting gear has come a long way. Gear standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, and NFPA 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program mostly address heat-resistance and protection from toxins.

Following complaints about comfort, the National Fire Protection Association updated standards for emergency services work apparel (NFPA 1975) that establish flame-resistant clothing that “won’t cause or exacerbate burn injury” and, while still mandating a baseline heat-resistance threshold, included uniforms that could be either 100% cotton or wool and flame-resistant uniforms. Continue reading

Small and Mighty: Introducing the Akron 3444 Mercury Quick Attack Monitor

When it comes to fighting fires, every second counts. That’s why we’re excited to feature the new  Akron 3444 Mercury Quick Attack LE Monitor, the only portable ground monitor that meets NFPA 1964 and EN-15767-1 and can hit 10 degrees and up to 250 feet at 100 psi when paired with the new Mercury Adjustable Mercury Quick Attack Nozzle.

Its lightweight for quick deployment, too, at just 15 pounds and can be easily stored after use with an integrated storage bag and strap. Carbide-tipped legs fold to reduce its width down to under 8 inches.

This monitor is smaller than any other ground portable firefighting monitor on the market and extremely efficient at 500 GPM. Continue reading

Fire-End Introduces LION Fire Safety Training Tools

 The best way to truly test the skills of a firefighter is through real-life emergencies, but your firefighters need to know the essentials of firefighting and disaster management before they even get to the scene of an active fire. That’s where interactive fire safety tools come into play. Fire-End has the solution for executing superb fire safety training.

The new LION Fire Safety Tools product line, soon available at Fire-End.com and now available for on-site demonstration, takes virtual emergency training to a new level. Continue reading

Ultimate Turnout Gear for Ultimate Performance

Your station knows the importance of high-quality turnout gear to keep everyone safe. Fortunately, so does LION. Since the turn of the 20th century, LION has protected emergency service providers in every form – in 1970, the company shifted into the firefighter turnout game and never looked back.

Today, Fire-End is proud to provide LION’s patented turnout gear to serve and protect firefighters everywhere. With a uniquely innovative ergonomic design, our gear moves when you do to fully protect in any scenario. Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: John O’Brien

If you’ve called the Long Island sales department at Fire-End in the last 25 years, you’ve probably gotten John O’Brien on the phone. John has been part of the Fire-End team since 1994, and he doesn’t see that changing anytime soon. But who is John O’Brien? We did an interview to learn more about the man behind the fire helmet. Continue reading

Getting Cold? Warm Up Your Crew with Us!

The weather is cooling, yet our dedicated officers and firefighters remain outdoors to serve. That’s why Fire-End is dedicated to supplying and distributing the highest-quality cold protection gear to keep our first responders safe and warm all winter long.

Today, we want to spotlight some of our favorite cold gear products and what makes them the best for your team. These products are not only effective in keeping you warm – they’re also packed with useful features that will keep the whole team safe from harm. Continue reading

Fire-End and You: Featured Products and Our New Site!

Have you heard the news? Fire-End’s beautiful web site has some fresh new content! We’ve worked hard to produce a streamlined, easy-to-navigate site to present our high-quality, super-durable products and we want to share them with you.

Today, we want to show off the highlights of our site, including our featured products of the month and give you the opportunity to celebrate with us! Continue reading