Haix tactical footwear

Great Choice in Firefighter Boots: Haix Station Boots for Structure and Comfort

Fire station boots need to be protective, durable, yet comfortable so that firefighters have the safety features needed in emergency footwear along with wearability during long hours on the job. Let’s face it, you’re probably going to wear these boots for at least 8 hours a day.

Firefighter boots (or EMS station boots/law enforcement boots) need to be heavy-duty enough to help protect against chemicals and bloodborne pathogens but we need ease of movement too.

At Fire-End, the Haix brand is among the best in fire boots for structural, wildland, Hazmat, and overall dual-purpose use AND comfort. Special welding machines and sealing bands give their fire boots maximum water tightness.

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TG8 Ram Air Gear Dryer

Dry Your Bunker Gear and PPE Safely and Efficiently

Drying personal protective equipment including turnout gear, hazmat suits, helmets, gloves, boots, face masks, and special ops gear is important. It keeps moisture from ruining the integrity of your gear and making sure your gear is back in operating condition quickly.

So what’s the best way to dry bunker gear, turnout gear, and other PPE safely? Fire-End is proud to carry Ram Air Gear Dryers specifically made to dry firefighter gear to comply with NFPA 1851/FEMSA recommendations.

Read on to learn what that entails and why the Ram Air product line is first-in-class when it comes to drying firefighting gear, special ops gear, and personal protective equipment.

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Our Choice for The Best Firefighter Helmet Light You Can Depend On

Firefighters and EMTs require a lot out of their helmet lights. And they should. Heavy smoke conditions and dimly lit sites necessitate hands-free illumination when you’re in a rescue situation.

As a leading provider of firefighting and emergency rescue supplies, Fire-End knows firsthand the performance and quality of thousands of products made for the municipal and interior fire equipment markets.

With confidence, we suggest that the best firefighter helmet light is the Streamlight Vantage® Fire Helmet Light.

This firefighter helmet light is compact, sturdy, reliable, easy to use, and uses a lithium battery; cost is under $90.

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firefighters in summer

How To Prevent Heat Illness Among Firefighters

Firefighters are exposed to various sources of heat, most commonly environmental heat exposure (weather conditions) and thermal exposure (during fire suppression and fire rescue).
A large part of heat illness prevention starts before firefighters even arrive at the station, however. A comprehensive plan to fight heat illness should include fitness, acclimatization, hydration, and proper gear. We can look at what each of those entails but first, what exactly is heat illness? Continue reading

best-selling firefighter flashlight

Best Firefighter Flashlight: Fire-End’s Top Picks

Choosing the best firefighter flashlight means choosing the best emergency survival light. You need one that’s compact in size, easy to grip, leaves you unencumbered, and cuts through smoke and darkness. Its ability to meet all these demands can impact your survival chances and/or the survival of victims in emergency situations.

As the end-all in fire safety, Fire-End products are used worldwide, and we strive to be your number one source for fire protection needs. We confidently suggest our top five, best-selling firefighter flashlights: Continue reading

firefighter turnout gear by LION

What is the Firefighter Turnout Gear Temperature Rating (Heat Rating)?

A firefighter turnout gear temperature rating is a heat-rating index (thermal protective performance rating) that measures the ability of your thermal protective material to protect you from high thermal exposure.

The heat rating, or degradation temperature, is when the fibers in the gear materials are completely destroyed. Firefighter turnout gear temperature ratings are not a threshold measurement of the temperature a human can withstand. Degradation temperatures are not survivability temperatures.

Yet turnout gear (also called bunker gear) is still critical to firefighter protection. Continue reading

PPV fan from Fire-End

What is Positive Pressure Ventilation in Fire Rescue?

High-powered fans are used to improve visibility inside an engaged building by quickly removing smoke.  Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) is a fire service tactic that can enhance rescue efforts by helping remove smoke and toxins from a structure.

PPV can create an improved environment, with less risk of injury to the rescuers and a clearer path to the seat of a fire, which ultimately may improve conditions for fire and rescue attempts.

PPV may also decrease the losses caused by smoke damage to a structure.

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What is a PPA technique?

A positive pressure attack combines mechanical positive pressure ventilation to remove smoke before fire control and prior to advancing into a building for victim rescue.

PPV fans create higher pressure inside the building, which forces interior air out of the structure through an exit hole when lower pressure builds. PPA can decrease a fire’s ability to spread and advance. Continue reading

fire hooks and equipment from Fire-End

What are the different types of firefighter hooks?

Firefighter hooks are some of the most versatile tools a fireman can have. They make opening-up and overhauling much easier.  Perhaps the best-known fire roof hooks are the Pro-Bar and the New York Roof Hook designed by Bob Farrell, a retired captain with the New York City Fire Department.

Other firefighter roof hooks include the Colorado hook, Boston fireman’s hook, San Francisco hook, Georgia hook, as well as miscellaneous fire roof hooks and pike poles. Before we describe the different types of fire hooks, let’s look at their history. Continue reading

LION turnout gear instruction

How to Wash Turnout Gear? Fire-End Offers Tips

Your turnout gear goes through a lot. It was made to go through a lot. But to maintain its protective properties, there are protocols that should be followed when it comes to keeping it clean.

You can enhance your fire department’s safety and extend the life of your PPE and gear through regular cleaning, inspection, and repair with LION TotalCare.

Washing turnout gear isn’t anything like doing residential, daily laundry. Continue reading

best firefighting gloves from LION at Fire-End

What are the Best-selling Firefighter Gloves?

Choosing the best firefighting glove is an important part of making sure you have the proper PPE. Although not as evident as turnout gear and other essentials, your gloves play a paramount role in rescue performance.

So, how do you find the best firefighter gloves? At a minimum, the gloves you choose need to meet the NFPA 1971 standard for PPE protection against structural firefighting and proximity firefighting. Beyond that, you need comfortable, protective gloves that fit well, repel water, and provide dexterity.

For more than 100 years, we’ve proudly carried reputable brands of firefighting gear and supplies. Let’s look at your best options in high-performance, protective hand gear. Continue reading