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Best Firefighter Flashlight: Fire-End’s Top Picks

Choosing the best firefighter flashlight means choosing the best emergency survival light. You need one that’s compact in size, easy to grip, leaves you unencumbered, and cuts through smoke and darkness. Its ability to meet all these demands can impact your survival chances and/or the survival of victims in emergency situations.

As the end-all in fire safety, Fire-End products are used worldwide, and we strive to be your number one source for fire protection needs. We confidently suggest our top five, best-selling firefighter flashlights:

Streamlight Survivor® LED Alkaline

survivor group firefighter flashlight

Trust. This is the first thing you need a fireman flashlight to offer. If you can’t trust it to work, it won’t matter how technologically advanced or durable it is. The Streamlight Survivor® LED Alkaline is one of the most trustworthy and popular right-angle flashlights on the market. For under $60, it’s also one of the best AND affordable emergency-use flashlights on the market.

It’s also extremely low-profile. The shorter lens cap creates a smaller profile, yet this firefighter flashlight still offers a super-bright beam that pierces through smoke: 175 lumens; 405m beam distance; with a run time of 4 hours.

On its lower setting it offers a bright light and longer run time of 15 hours: providing 60 lumens; 237m beam distance. Flash mode for signaling with a run time of 8 hours. Moonlight mode provides low-level lighting for battery conservation: run time of 20 days.

The Streamlight Survivor® LED Alkaline can be converted to a rechargeable flashlight by purchasing a Streamlight rechargeable battery and charger.



Streamlight Survivor® LED Steady Charge

steady charge firefighter flashlight Rechargeable flashlights are a great choice for use in emergency and rescue situations, but they must supply adequate lumen and run time. The Streamlight Survivor® LED Steady Charge offers both, plus it is Class 1, Div. 1 rated — safe for use in an area where flammable gases or liquids exist.

Streamlight is so attuned to the needs of emergency workers that even gloved access is incorporated in the design of this top choice for a firefighter flashlight. That is, your gloved hands can operate the large button control and easily change from high-intensity mode to low-intensity mode, or from emergency flash mode to moonlight mode.

On high-intensity mode, the Streamlight Survivor® LED Steady Charge provides 175 lumens and pierces through smoke up to 405 meters with a run time of 3.5 hours.



Streamlight PolyTac 90® LED

Polytac firefighter flashlight LED lights are fantastic for providing brightness in emergency situations. The fact that they also provide energy savings is a bonus. The Streamlight PolyTac 90® LED is a mighty mouse in terms of its size/power combination.
It’s super compact in size and can easily attach to your turnout gear, including an elastic head strap. It’s powered by two lithium batteries with a 10-year shelf life. On high-intensity mode, the PolyTac 90® LED provides 170 lumens with a 3.75-hour runtime; on low, it provides 17 lumens for up to 30 consistent-use hours. Because it’s light, powerful, and compact, it’s an ideal flashlight for police officers and firefighters.



Streamlight Vulcan® 180 Firefighting Lantern

vulcan flashlight

This fireman flashlight provides power LED light in portable-lantern form. It provides 1200 lumens for a nearly 5-hour runtime. It’s got an articulating head that rotates a high-intensity beam 180-degrees. It’s got a rubberized super-grip to make it easy to carry in emergency situations, or you can set it and forget it — lock it in position and shine it directly on the scene.

The Vulcan® 180 Firefighting Lantern was designed by firefighters, for firefighters. It was made to burn brighter and run longer than other light, portable lanterns. Three LEDs produce extreme brightness, and two ultra-bright blue taillight LEDs provide visibility in thick smoke.



Akron Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light

revel scout firefighter flashlight When you need lightweight, easily-to-deploy tactical lighting on the emergency scene, the Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light by Akron is perfect. You can hang it, spike it, strap it, or set it up to provide a spot and floodlight pattern of 14,000 lumens. Multiple settings enable you to run it for up to 7 hours.
This is a great choice for use on both an exterior and interior scene. No generator or cord is needed to keep this tactical light going. You know Akron Brass is a trusted brand in fire equipment supplies and we’re proud to carry a large selection of Akron Brass products. The Akron Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light lithium-ion battery weighs a mere 3 pounds, bringing its total weight to a measly 12 pounds for grab-and-go action.