Conway Shield

Conway Shield is the rebranded name for Paul Conway Shield. Founded in 1985, they started crafting the leather identification shields used on firefighter helmets. Decades later, Conway Shield craftworkers still produce the most elegant leather shields available in the market.

Paul Conway Helmet Fronts - 4 inch

The bottom photo is with PASSPORT   4-1B 4-1T..


Paul Conway Helmet Fronts - 6 inch Standard

6-2 6-2 with PASSPORT   6-2C with F235 &n..


Paul Conway Helmet Fronts - 6 inch AH Style

AH-3   AH-2 (shown on American Classic helmet) ..


Paul Conway NY Style Helmet Fronts

NYFI-0 (with IO-0 Insert)   NYFI-2 (with ..


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