Grime Boss

In 2010 Grime Boss brand was launched, offering a unique two-sided applicator and grease-cutting formula. However, historically, the Nice-Pak story began from a 2500 square foot loft in lower Manhattan in 1957; the creation of the very first Wet-Nap® moist towelette. In 1962 Arthur Julius and his son Robert (current Nice-Pak CEO) met with Colonel Sanders. The Colonel loved the idea of his "Finger Lickin Good" customers cleaning up afterward with a moist towelette. KFC became the first Nice-Pak national Wet-Nap customer. Soon after that, thousands of restaurants around the world began offering their patrons a Wet-Nap for easy clean-up after a messy meal.

Grime Boss 60 Count Hand Wipes

GRIME BOSS HAND WIPES 60 COUNT PACK   All You Ever Need to Keep You, Your Gear, an..


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