Sterling Rope Co. (RNR)

Faxes were becoming the norm, no smartphones, or Google. That was 1992, the year Sterling Rope Co. began. More than 25 years later, Sterling ropes save lives on some of the most technical rescues.

Crosby Firefighter Anchor Hook

CROSBY FIREFIGHTER ANCHOR HOOK This Crosby S-360 firefighter anchor hook was designed in conj..


Sterling F4 Descent Device

STERLING F4 DEVICE DESCENT DEVICE The innovative F4 from Sterling gives firefighters an..


Sterling FCX Descent Device

STERLING FCX​ ESCAPE DESCENT DEVICE Sterling’s most advanced self-rescue device p..


Sterling FCX Escape Systems

STERLING FCX FIRE ESCAPE KITS AND SYSTEMS With the introduction of the FCX Descent..

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Sterling FDNY Configuration Search Kit

STERLING FDNY CONFIGURATION SEARCH KIT Search kits are an integral tool for fire depart..


Sterling Lightning GT Hook

STERLING LIGHTNING GT HOOK​ The Sterling Lightning GT hook offers a breakthrough in per..


Sterling Lightning Hook

STERLING LIGHTNING HOOK​ The Sterling Lightning Hook is an advanced anchoring option fo..


Sterling RIT 900 6.8 MM 100% Aramid Search Line

STERLING RIT 900 SEARCH ROPE 6.8MM The RIT 900  is a 6.8 mm all-aramid, hollow braid cor..

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Sterling SearchLite Search Rope 7.5 MM

STERLING SEARCHLITE SEARCH ROPE 7.5 MM Developed for FDNY and used for search operations, Sea..

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