The UZI name, one of the world’s most famous firearms brands, is well known for its innovative sub-machine-gun, in service worldwide by Secret Service, Army, Police, and Special Forces. The same legendary name, UZI, produces many innovative products for tactical and law enforcement products.

UZI 15 Watt Megaphone

UZI-MP-204R UZI 15 WATT MEGAPHONE UZI 15 Watt Megaphone, built-in microphone, siren, foldable..


UZI 21-Inch Expandable Baton

UZI-EXB-21 EXPANDABLE BATON  21-Inch Expandable Hardened Steel Baton with Anti-Slip Rubb..


UZI 50 Watt Megaphone

UZI-MP-50W UZI 50 WATT MEGAPHONE  UZI 50 Watt Megaphone, detachable microphone, recordin..


UZI Handheld Metal Detector

UZI-HHSC-1 HANDHELD METAL DETECTOR  Handheld Metal Detector, one switch operation, adjus..


UZI Observation Listening Device

UZI-OD-1 OBSERVATION LISTENING DEVICE  UZI Observation Device, parabolic sound collectin..


UZI Tactical Glassbreaker Pen #2

UZI-TACPEN2-GM  UZI Tactical Glassbreaker Pen, Ultra Durable Aircraft Aluminum with Carb..


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