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ST-185-XD (FDNY Stack)


For maximum reach, smooth bore tips create concentrated water flow for use with either handlines or monitors while using lower pressures of 50 or 80 psi. Elkhart offers a wide variety of discharge sizes to suit any need. Additionally, Elkhart’s stacked tips allow you to customize the smooth bore to meet your needs in the field.


elkhart st-185-xd fdny stacked tips

ST-185-XD (FDNY Stack)

Double Stacked

  • Elk-O-Lite
  • Length: 6.661”

1½” NST or NPSH Base Thread

(choice of tips)

  • 1/2 & 7/8
  • 1/2 & 15/16
  • 1/2 & 1-1/8
  • 1/2 & 1-3/16


Thread Types

  • National Standard Thread (NST), also known as National Hose thread (NH). It is the most common type of fire hose coupling used in the United States.
  • National Pipe Straight Hose (NPSH), also known as Iron Pipe Thread (IPT).  It has the same TPI as NPT, but the thread does not taper. NPSH is a straight thread and seals by a gasket in the female coupling, which allows for a swivel, just like NH/NST, which makes both ideal for hose couplings.


Elkhart XD Brochure

Elkhart ST-185-XD Dimensional Drawing

Elkhart Smooth Bore Discharge Chart


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Elkhart ST-185-XD Smooth Bore 1½" Stacked Tips (FDNY Stack)

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