Crisp & Clear Imagery

The maintenance-free sensor produces detail-rich 240 x 180 pixels thermal images to help you navigate easier in smokey conditions.

FLIR K45 Fire Fighter 240 x 180 Thermal Imaging Camera with FSX Enhancement.

Digital image enhancement through FSX. Details in the thermal image are enhanced through digital image processing inside the camera. The result is an ultra-sharp thermal image that shows more detail. FSX makes it easier for firefighters to find their way in smoke-filled rooms. Even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics that are typical for a firefighting environment.

All FLIR K-series cameras are built tough for firefighters and simple to use under grueling conditions.

  • The K45 has a larger, brighter display than most competitor models.

  • FLIR’s industry-leading thermal image quality and clarity stand out when compared side by side with the competition.

  • Five imaging modes help speed tactical decisions and the search for survivors.

  • oversized buttons allow effortless gloved-handed operation.

FLIR K45 can store 200 images. 

Ideal for on-site assessment, analysis afterward, or for training purposes

High-performance, Affordable TICs

FLIR develops and manufactures more thermal imaging cameras than any other company. Thanks to economies of scale, FLIR is able to offer the K-Series at an extremely affordable price.

* K45 Kit Includes: Hard Case, Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC), (2) Li-Ion Batteries, Carabiner Strap, Retractable Lanyard, Tabletop Charger w/Power Supply, USB Cable

Note: These commodities are controlled by the U.S. Govt. for export purposes. They may not be exported or re-exported without first consulting relevant U.S. Export Administration Regulations or International Traffic in Arms Regulations and obtaining the proper USG approvals. They may not be used in the design, development, production, or use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missiles. Contact FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc. for more information.

FLIR K45/K55 Product Brochure   Firefighting Brochure

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FLIR K45 240x180 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

  • Brand: FLIR
  • Model: K45
  • $4,495.00

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