Handcrafted in upstate New York, three layers of pristine leather, that's Golfire Shields.

Producing over 7000 shields in the last year,  Golfire Shields is becoming a leader in custom leather helmet shields. Check out the photos for some of their handcrafted work.


Note: Please open the attachment below in a new tab or window to assist you in ordering. Specs/Golfire Shield Form-1.pdf


Flag Shield w/ raised Red #’s

Velcro attached Red Passport w/ White #’s

Raised Black #’s

Flag Shield w/ raised White #’s

Clover in Center w/ raised Black #

C102 Gold 5 Bugles

Flag Shield w/ Red, White, Blue #’s

Raised Black #’s

C109 Single Silver Bugle

Recessed Flag #’s

Red Velcro attached Passport w/ White #’s

Raised Yellow #’s

Recessed Flag #

Raised White #’s

4” Style


Shown below are a few examples of custom shields. If you require a custom shield please give us a call at 800-759-FIRE to discuss your requirements. We also offer quantity discounts.



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Golfire Shields

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