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NFPA Certified Hiking Boot for Wildland Firefighting

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Wildland firefighters subject themselves to one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world, requiring both physical and mental toughness to face the challenging and ever-changing conditions experienced with wildland firefighting. You need a boot that can match the challenges you face, that are as tough as you are. The new NFPA 1977 wildland certified Missoula 2.1 is up to that task and more.

✔   Leg Height: inside 8”/from floor 9”

✔   HAIX® 2-Zone Lacing

✔   Hydrophobic and breathable split leather

✔   (SL) Secura Liner



The HAIX® Missoula 2.1 was built to meet the exacting demands of the wildland firefighter. The durably tough European split bull leather is water-resistant, hydrophobic, and breathable to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. The lighter weight of the Missoula 2.1 helps alleviate leg fatigue while on long hikes, since the less weight you have on your feet, the less energy you have to expend while walking. Offering not only safety protection but comfort for those who can spend all day on their feet in the most rugged terrain.

Our newly designed, highly heat-resistant, Vibram® anti-slip sole will give you greater footholds on whatever terrain you have to face. The special design of the heel offers strong footholds on even the steepest and uneven terrain. And the sturdy and stable midsole ensures you won’t feel every rock and stone as you hike. We also added a built-in boot jack at the rear of the boot to make it easier for you to get your boots off after a long day.

Our two-zone lacing system allows you to adjust the tension separately on different boot sections, the upper and the lower part. You can adjust the boot for a fit tailored just for you and the terrain in which you are hiking. For mainly downward descents, tighten the upper and the lowers evenly to prevent your foot from sliding forward into the boot. For mainly upward ascents, leave the upper a little looser, so the upper does not constrict your shin. The two-zone lacing also provides better ankle support to prevent potential ankle injuries out on the line. The new roller ball eyelets on the lower part of the lacing system offer minimal friction, reducing wear and tear on the flame-resistant Nomex® laces.

Missoula 2.1 is available in narrow, medium, and wide widths with whole and half sizes from 4 to 13.

Now’s the time to try out the latest generation Missoula 2.1, see and feel the difference.

  • 8 inches

  • Certified NFPA 1977-2016

  • Certified ASTM F2892-2018 for Electrical Hazard resistance

  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time

  • HAIX® 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot.

  • HAIX® ES Out System for easier removal of the boot

  • Heel grip for superior hold on steep terrain

  • Rugged Vibram® heat-resistant sole with side stabilization specifically designed for hiking

  • Sole is fuel and oil-resistant and heat resistant to 572°F

  • Water-resistant, breathable leather

  • Nomex® threads and laces


Product information "HAIX Missoula 2.1"

Item number


Primary use

Wildland firefighting

Product type

Factory firsts




NFPA 1977, ASTM F 2892


(SL) Secura Liner, (ES) Easy Slip Out, 2-Zone Lacing, Electric Hazard Resistance, VIBRAM®



Upper material

Hydrophobic split leather

Inner liner







2 zone lacing

Height from inside | from floor

8 inches | 9 inches






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Haix Missoula 2.1 NFPA 1977 Wildland Firefighting

  • Brand: Haix
  • Model: 111011
  • $299.95

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