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You keep our communities safe. Your Black Eagle is your trusted partner on every call.

✔   Boot Height: 6"

✔   Waterproof/breathable with GORETEX® Extended

✔   Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot


Keep your footing with HAIX® Anti-slip Sole.

In the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip, no matter the situation, you can rest assured that you will stay on your feet. The distinctive tread design combined with the special rubber compound that goes into the Black Eagle®'s sole will maintain its traction on various surfaces and in many types of weather, even when wet and cold. The high-density midsole won't have you feeling every rock and stone either.

Supportive cushioning with HAIX® Absorption

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip will keep you feeling comfortable when you are on the move all day. The built-in cushioning in the sole acts as your shock absorption, effectively cushioning each step, while the energy return in the sole gives you extra spring in your step and helps reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Keep yourself dry and comfortable thanks to GORE-TEX®

No matter the weather, you need to do your job. The GORE-TEX® inner lining on our Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip will guarantee your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how long you are out in the elements. Dry feet, no distraction, and a complete focus on the job.

Ready to go with the HAIX® Side Zipper

Enjoy the quick convenience of the side zipper on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip. Get a more personalized fit by adjusting the lacing, fix it and then forget it. Enjoy that fit all day, every day. Slip on, zip up and go.

Comfort to endure the longest hours

You spend long hours on your feet, and we ensure it doesn't feel like it.

So lightweight, you hardly feel it.

Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip could be the lightest"6" boots you will ever own. Their lighter weight may make you forget you are even wearing boots, reducing foot and leg fatigue when you are on the move all day.

All-day comfort and athletic feel

The running shoe technology built into the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip is lightweight and flexible. Cushioned insoles give you the extra comfort your feet crave. Enjoy an athletic shoe feel with the function of a duty boot.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip allows your feet to breathe by absorbing the moisture from your feet into special foams between the inner lining and the leather. With every step you take, moist air is released, and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot. The Climate System essentially works like an air conditioning system in your boot.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole.

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your boots fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even under the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your boots fresh and comfortable


Item number


Primary use

Law enforcement




Absorption, Climate,  Anti Slip, Sun Reflect, GORE-TEX®



Upper material


Inner liner

GORE-TEX® Extended




TPU R3000


Lace & Side Zipper



Safety toe

No safety toe

Leg height in inches

6 inches






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Haix Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side-Zip

  • Brand: Haix
  • Model: 340043
  • $160.95

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