Our offering of non-rechargeable flashlights is ideal for those that prefer the convenience of using store-bought batteries. Non-rechargeable flashlights also allow for quick battery changes in the field. Light emitting diodes provide police flashlight power in non-rechargeable lighting options.

These types of flashlights initially cost less, since the batteries are less expensive and there is no need for a charger. However, if you use your flashlights frequently, a rechargeable flashlight can save money over time.

Fire-End is a distributor for Streamlight rechargeable flashlights and non-rechargeable flashlights, Nightstick non-rechargeable flashlights, and Portwest flashlights.

Portwest PA75 - USB Rechargeable Flashlight

PA75 USB RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT   Impact and Water Resistant It’s a Back-Up U..


Portwest PW High Powered Enforcer

PA61 PW HIGH POWERED ENFORCER   The Ultimate Security Flashlight Like Having a Car ..


Streamlight PolyTac 90 LED

STREAMLIGHT POLY TAC 90™ LED It’s a super bright right angle LED flashlight...


Streamlight Survivor® LED Alkaline

  STREAMLIGHT SURVIVOR® LED ALKALINE This model includes an Alkaline Bat..


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