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Combat Sniper is an operational game-changing attack line with legendary, double jacketed, extruded through-the-weave nitrile/PVC tube construction and true 1.78" diameter.

Combat Sniper was engineered to deliver targeted flows, outstanding kink resistance, and increased handling.

Combat Sniper was built for use with low pressure/high volume nozzles built to reduce hose whip and optimize friction loss while delivering targeted flow ranges of 145-175 gpm. This innovative design provides premium kink resistance that allows for precise handling during the push for tight, controlled water mapping. Packs on the shoulder as well as it does in the hose bed.

*Features a manufacturer's 10-year warranty, which includes a 1-year all hazards warranty.

Key-Lok Treatment Colors


  • True Internal Diameter of 1.78"

  • Uniquely woven outer jacket, over the extruded through-the-weave inner liner

  • Designed for low-pressure high volume nozzles

  • More kink resistance than conventional attack lines

  • Precisely engineered for tightly controlled water mapping, 90° left, right, and up

  • Built to last, packs well, and designed with sufficient material to wear well over the expected service life

  • *10-year manufacturer's warranty with a 1-year all hazards warranty



Part No.

Service Test

Proof Test

Burst Test

Bowl Size

Weight Uncoupled



500 psi

1000 psi

1500 psi


0.40 lbs/ft

Targeted Flow Rates: 145-175 gpm (1.78")

  • The outer jacket is woven from ring-spun staple polyester yarns over an inner liner consisting of a one-piece extruded through-the-weave nitrile/PVC tube.

  • Combat Sniper attack hose is treated with a special "Key-Lok" polyurethane-based polymer impregnation for enhanced color and added abrasion resistance.

  • Combat Sniper is manufactured in a high-visibility fashion with four black and green stripes running the length of the hose for ease of identification.

  • The minimum burst test pressure when tested in accordance with NFPA 1961 on all Combat Sniper hoses shall be 1500 psi / 103 bar. Service test pressures stenciled on the hose shall be in accordance with the current minimum requirements of NFPA 1962.

Manufacturer's Warranty Information

*Combat Sniper hose has a potential service life and warranty of 10 years, which includes a 1-year all hazards warranty, barring mistreatment that would render it unfit for service. Upon delivery, the hose shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship.



Supplied with NH (NST) aluminum couplings. 

Custom lengths and special threads are available; please call us at 800-759-3473 for pricing.

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Key Fire Hose Combat Sniper Attack Hose- (Black/Green Stripes)

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