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Comes complete with everything you will need for fire extinguisher training.

Intelligent Training System™ Trainer’s  Package Includes:

The Intelligent Training System senses where the trainee aims and sweeps the SmartExtinguisher® and varies the flames automatically, putting the fire out only when the extinguisher is used correctly. The SmartExtinguishers are recharged quickly and easily with only compressed air and water.


We’ve heard from instructors like you that more time is spent preparing the site before training and cleaning it up after than actually teaching their trainees to use an extinguisher. Not anymore. The I.T.S. compact design makes it easy for one person to set up in just a few minutes. The handheld controller makes it easy to light the flames with the push of a button, so the evolution can start as soon as the next trainee is ready. Plus, the I.T.S. is constructed with industrial grade stainless steel components so that it can withstand many years of intense training.


The LION I.T.S.’s easy setup and field rechargeable air/water SmartExtinguishers eliminate the mess associated with traditional dry chemical extinguishers and diesel burn pans. No messy dry chemical extinguishers or dangerous diesel fumes also means no environmental effects or exposure risks for your trainees.


Because there is no longer a need to discharge and recharge costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers, LION live-fire extinguisher training systems are often more cost-effective.


Intelligent Training System™ Product Sheet

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Intelligent Training System Trainers Package

  • $9,465.50

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